4 Conversations We All Had Over Thanksgiving

The holidays are that special time of year where the entire family comes together. As if you were not busy enough to study for your finals, now you have to brush up on your answers for the those same questions you get asked every year that haven't changed.

1. So how is school going?

This is the classic conversation starter by every family member, and the one question we all dread. It's always followed by the quick pause of panic where you're debating to tell the truth. Well, Aunt Nancy school is school, I panic all week to get my assignments in barely on time and the weekend is really just my time to recover. I'm just going to nod my head and say "school is going great" and hope my nervous smile doesn't suggest otherwise, that my laundry pile is touching the ceiling, assignments never stop, and my self-control to say no to going out on Friday nights is non-existent.

2. Is there anyone special in your life or are you still single?

We all have that grandma that over analyzes every picture of you with a boy/girl posted on Facebook who thinks they are automatically the person you are dating, but little does she know your snaps are left on open and texts always left on read. But no pressure, there was only an extra place mat set by you because they miscounted, not because they expected you to finally bring someone home.

3. What are you going to do with your degree after school?

Like there are not a million options out there that you can do after school you have to get asked this a million times. There is always that stutter and the final cold hard truth "Im not sure yet." Then you look at your family member in hopes to read their face like yeah I know nothing in my life is figured out but I promise I am not a total failure," and all they say back after a hard pause "well you have time."

4. That one embarrassing thing you did years ago as a kid that your grandma just can't let go.

Finally just when you thought you could hit all the questions in the family thanksgiving interview, there is always that one embarrassing story your family can not let go of and bring up. You almost made it out of the war zone of conversation too but in the middle of pie, your grandma starts with "remember that time" and all of a sudden, you are finally thankful you did not have someone to take home to this crazy family.

The holidays are a wonderful time to catch up with the family, but there are always those same questions every year we all endure and all hate. At the end of the day however, every family has their quirks and you know you would not change them for the world, even if that embarrassing story won't ever be let go.

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