Learning can be a tough thing to do if the subject is boring. Boring subjects can be hard to absorb and might even cause an impromptu nap. However, there are some wonderful people in the world that try to make the dullest of subjects lively and interesting.

These are just a few of the YouTube channels that every student needs to know. Note, while these channels are good at what they do they are no substitute for actually do the work, use them more for the broad strokes and do the finer details yourself.

1. Crash Course 

I'd be amazed if there was a student that hasn't heard of Crash Course. Easily the most famous channel on this list, John and Hank Green have been helping to relieve student's boredom since 2012. They cover an astonishing range of topics from world history to biology, from statistics to theater. They are very good at what they do and have even been used by teachers as supplements to their lessons.

2. Overly Sarcastic Productions

Red and Blue have been over sarcastically summarizing stuff since 2013. They each have their own specialty; Red normally does literary analysis and summarizes various myths and Blue summarizes history. Keep in mind they summarize the material they work with. If you need a quick dive into what your studying they are great but don't try to use them to write a term paper.

3. Wisecrack

Wisecrack may use less academic works in their videos but they are still pretty good. They do videos about the philosophy of pop culture, cliff notes on popular books, and even extrapolate meaning from popular films. They tend to steer more towards the pop culture side but can still be helpful in some cases.

4. Extra Credits 

While the channel might be focused towards game design, it has benefits to even the average student. The Extra History series tackles important topics like WWI and The Articles of Confederation. Their Extra Sci-Fi series takes a look at the literature that inspires and makes up the genre.

They also have a secondary channel called PlayFrame that has an Animation Of... series where they take a look at animation principals. Every episode of every show is either written by someone in the industry now or has been reviewed by someone in the industry.

These channels might not be the peer-reviewed journals that you're looking for when doing your homework, they can help you get a grasp on your subject. I hope you enjoy them, whether you watch them for entertainment or to learn something new.