Who doesn't love a good binge-worthy TV show? If you're looking for some new shows to get hooked on and fly through, this list is for you.

Without further ado, check out these 4 shows you should be binge-watching:

1. "Grace and Frankie"

BFFs Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star in this downright hilarious and eventually heartwarming comedy about marriage, love, and friendship. Grace and Frankie's lives are turned upside down when they find out their husbands have been together for over 20 years behind their backs and leave them for each other. Straight-laced Grace and eccentric Frankie end up becoming unlikely best friends who move in together after their respective splits. This series is hilarious, real, and will make you want to binge all 4 seasons in one sitting. And it would be a shame not to mention the incredible ensemble of supporting cast and characters. Season 5 comes out on Jan. 18th on Netflix, so the time to catch up on "Grace and Frankie" is now!

2. "I'm Sorry"

"I'm Sorry" is truly hysterical and entertaining and definitely worth your time. This sitcom follows the life of Andrea, a comedy writer who seems confident and put together, but whose true colors shine through in certain situations. Enjoy some hearty laughs by following Andrea, her conservative husband Mike, and their eager daughter Amelia as they navigate life and bring comedy to every situation they're in. The first season of "I'm Sorry" is currently streaming on Netflix.

3. "Bodyguard"

"Bodyguard" is one of the top shows in the UK and will fill the large, Robb Stark-sized void in your life. Richard Madden stars as the main character of this British drama series about the London Metropolitan Police and important UK political figures. Sergeant David Budd (Madden) is a troubled war veteran who is assigned to protect an important politician, Home Secretary Julia Montague. However, Budd is vehemently against everything Montague stands for politically, as she was a main proponent of the war he served in. Tune in for high stakes drama, terrorist threats and attacks, and political thrill. You can now binge "Bodyguard" on Netflix!

4. "The Haunting of Hill House"

Get ready to get scared by this new, chilling Netflix series! "The Haunting Of Hill House" is about a group of siblings who were raised in this haunted mansion, which ends up being the most haunted house in the country. A personal tragedy forces these siblings to head back to their childhood home and haunted roots, making them face the ghosts of their past. This show is based on the novel of the same name written by Shirley Jackson and is available on Netflix!