38 Things That Make You Want To Scream
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38 Things That Make You Want To Scream

38 Things That Make You Want To Scream

There are some things that happen on a daily basis where "I just can't even." For a split second I have to decide between moving on with my life and spiraling into a fit of rage. We all know the feeling #firstworldproblems

Here are 38 things that show that "the struggle is real" in the little beach paradise of Isla Vista.

1) When I forget to check the little box on gold. - *throws laptop out the window*

2) When frats run out of alcohol. - I can feel my confidence leaving me.

3) When I realize I ate enough drunchies to feed half of Africa last night. - So close to a perfect night.

4) When DLG closes late night just as I am drunkenly running up to it. - You have denied me great happiness therefore I shall steal twice as many cookies as usual.

5) When I shattered my iPhone… for the sixth time. - It doesn't even surprise me anymore.

6) When Calpirg people try to talk to me. - Head down, no eye contact.

7) When people on the semester system tell me they are done with finals. - *pushes them off a cliff*

8) When my mother tries to set restrictions on me when I visit home. - I can't be tamed woman.

9) When people #WCW or #MCM their gf/bf every week. - We get it. You're so much happier than the rest of us. 

10) When out-of-towners tell me about their Deltopia experience. - You're the reason bad things happen here.

11) When people bike too slow on the bike path. - Mooooooove.

12) When girls won't go to an event because they think no one else is going. - If everyone thinks that no one is going, then no one will go, duh.

13) When I have to make my own food. - If I can't microwave it, it's not worth eating.

14) When the social chair announces a grab-a-date. - Let the stress of finding a date begin.

15) When I realize I snap-chatted a shit ton last night but I have no idea what the pictures were of. - Sometimes not knowing is better than knowing. Ignorance is bliss.

16) When I have nothing to wear for the TG theme.. - Can I just roll up in yoga pants?

17) When I forget my access card for the dining commons. - Access denied. Might as well curl up in a ball now.

18) Realizing I forgot about my pastime a day late. - Setting myself up for failure in classes I will not study for.

19) When people assume I’m in a different sorority than the one I’m actually in. - Excuse me? Wrong.

20) When people judge me by my sorority. - I have my own personality you know...

21) When my family asks what I do for fun.. - Oh you know, philanthropies and such. But not drinking, definitely not drinking.

22) When I get elbowed in the face at an overly packed frat party. - Definitely not drunk enough for this.

23) When there are 15 girls in the only bathroom that semi-works at a party. - Stop looking at yourself in the mirror, you all look gross and sweaty anyways.

24) When my friends and I walk into a party and there are only guys there. - Wow... I can feel the tension and testosterone in the air.

25) When someone who studied way less than me gets a better grade on the final. - Why do I even try?

26) When my hangover takes it's sweet time before fully hitting me in the middle of my morning class. - The only thing I'm focusing on now is how to get out of here without collapsing on the floor.

27) When all of my friends take a super cute picture without me. - You don't deserve my beauty anyways.

28) When I see a girl wearing heels as she is attempting to walk down DP on a Friday night. - I'm sorry, are you lost?

29) When I suddenly realize I don’t know anyone at a party. - Shit. Shit. Shit. The awkwardness is upon me.

30) When I realize that community service hours are due the next day. - Welp, looks like I forgot to care. Hello standards, here I come.

31) When I realized costume closets are not a real thing. - Everything I know is a lie. 

32) When I’m not as drunk as all of my friends. - You have all been sufficiently annoying this evening.

33) When my friends tell me we have to leave a frat but I don’t want to. - No this, this is my home now.

34) When a professor calls you out for leaving early. - Guess who's not getting a positive evaluation come Dead Week?

35) When my friend says she has to study instead of going to a TG. - You can always retake the class, but you cannot relive the party.

36) When I accidentally double tap an Insta pic from a year ago as I’m stalking my hookup. - Time to change my identity and leave the country.

37) When my professor assigns an insane amount of shit during dead week. - This is a cruel game you are playing.

38) When the bell tolls are completely wrong for the hour. - You had one job.

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