There are a few things in life that the majority of the population enjoys. This could range from getting a good parking spot on a busy day or to having your favorite song come on the radio. Another thing that many Americans love — is ordering coffee. However, whether they know it or not, there is a specific way to go about doing so. Here are 37 things that your barista wants you to know, whether it can improve your experience or theirs when ordering your coffee.

1. Talking on the phone while ordering is rude.

2. You have to specify if you want hot coffee or iced coffee.

3. Don't assume I know what size coffee you'd like.

4. There is a difference between a macchiato and a latte.

5. If you have any questions about any coffee — please ask.

6. Don't order through the drive-thru if you're getting more than six drinks.

7. Just because you're a regular does not mean we will always remember your order.

8. If you ask for too much cream in your small coffee, it will taste cold. Do not blame me.

9. The first thing you're going to taste in a hot macchiato is espresso.

10. This is because a macchiato is milk stirred with pumps of flavor (if you want) and espresso poured directly on top.

11. A latte is milk, pumps of flavor, and espresso stirred so you will taste everything mixed together.

12. A macchiato or latte can come hot or iced.

13. Refer back to #4 if there is absolutely any confusion about this.

14. "Extra ice" isn't really a thing, but we'll let you think it is.

15. "Extra whip cream" kind of isn't a thing either — because where am I supposed to put it?

16. Sometimes flavors are discontinued, and I have no control over this.

17. Don't incorrectly order your coffee and then get angry at me when you don't like how it tastes.

18. Don't order your coffee while speaking on the phone and then get mad when it's made incorrectly. (Refer back to #1)

19. Don't say you want "a few" sugars in your coffee — I don't know what "a few" means to you.

20. Don't say "I want about this much cream" and signal with your hands how much you want but get mad when it isn't exactly how you like it. Next time, give us a number, not hand movements.

21. No, I don't know the difference between Splenda, Equal or Sweet'N Low.

22. Granulated sugar is for hot coffee and liquid cane sugar is for iced coffee.

23. Our smoothies aren't made with real fruit.

24. Dark Roast always tastes better.

25. We don't have enough time to freshly brew all our coffees every 30 minutes. If you strictly want freshly brewed coffee, it will take a few minutes.

26. Mocha flavoring can never be fully stirred away in iced coffees.

27. Different stores carry different flavors.

28. A cappuccino and a latte are basically the same thing; cappuccinos just get more foam on top.

29. Steaming milk feels like it takes forever and a lifetime.

30. Your cups are marked for a reason, (so you don't have to ask me which is which.)

31. We are fully aware that our coffee is overpriced.

32. For some reason, you keep buying it.

33. I wouldn't recommend more than six shots of espresso unless you want heart palpitations.

34. Iced coffees get more whipped cream than hot coffees simply because there is more room in the cup.

35. If the idea of accidentally getting regular coffee instead of decaf coffee is life threatening, let us know because sometimes mistakes happen, especially when we're busy.

36. When I ask, "I'm sorry, did you say you wanted sugar in that?" I am not asking for you to repeat the entire order. I am simply asking if you wanted sugar because I may not have caught it.

37. Customers who know exactly how to order their coffee are the best.