Every Thanksgiving, my mom makes us go around the table and say what we are thankful for. While obviously always being thankful for family and friends, my other answers have slightly changed now that I'm in college. 

Here are some things all college students are thankful for this season:    

1. The e-mail that comes right when you wake up saying class is cancelled.

2. Going back to sleep promptly after reading that e-mail.

3. No line at Starbucks.


5. Saturday victories.

6. Drink specials. Regardless of the day of the week.

7. Restaurants that deliver.

8. Dining dollars (a.k.a. not having to use “real” money).

9. Sunday brunches with Bloody Mary’s and/or Mimosas.

10. Netflix. But really... SO thankful.

11. Candles, especially fall scented candles. 

12. The over-achiever in your group project. 

13. Naps.

14. Jimmy John’s (Italian Nightclub, anyone?).

15. Your Tempurpedic mattress topper.

16. The Chipotle employee with the heavy Guacamole hand.

17. Curves on test grades.

18. Professors that round up.

19. Late night pizza.

20. Pizza at any time, really.  

21. The fact that you’re NOT majoring in engineering (sorry if you are).

22. Extensions on papers, projects, and homework.

23. Sweatpants (or yoga pants). 

24. Fun, easy electives (hello, GPA boosters!). 

25. Red Solo cups. The blue ones just really aren't the same. 

26. A Swiffer. The easiest form of clean up.

27. Snapchat (don’t act like you aren’t thankful for this).

28. The perfect Emoji to describe your current emotion. 

29. Yik Yak. 

30. Ramen Noodles/Easy Mac/Anything that you add water and microwave. 

31. Big sweatshirts.

32. Whenever there’s a chance to hit snooze. Repeatedly.

33. Unexpectedly fun nights out with friends.

34. Chick-fil-A breakfast after those kinds of nights: there is nothing better.

35. Getting a break for Thanksgiving.

36. Going home to your family.  

37. The fact that the semester is quickly coming to an end, and there will be an entire schoolwork-free Winter break filled with extra sleeping and eating holiday food.      

Regardless of the time of year, we are thankful for these things every day. Here’s to a #blessed and happy thanksgiving!