35 Ways You Know You Went To Deerfield High School
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Student Life

35 Ways You Know You Went To Deerfield High School

Home of the warriors and the north shore moms.

35 Ways You Know You Went To Deerfield High School
Shayli Kipnis

Ah, Deerfield High School, ranked seventh in the state but #1 in our hearts. From fighting for a parking spot to harassing the superintendent or ditching the 12-minute run, Deerfield's alum have definitely experienced it all. So while the only thing "First Class" about Deerfield's students may just be their plane tickets— let's take one last moment of silence for all of those who wore red and gray. Here are the telltale signs that you graduated from Deerfield High School.

1. You knew Tim the security guard.

2. And Pete.

3. Infinite campus provided you with infinite disappointments.

4. The Math department was closer than your friend group.

I mean come on.

5. You got yelled at for sitting more than four to a table in the library.

6. And you trolled the librarians.

7. You got frustrated about having to sit through another hour explanation about the subscription databases.

8. You forgot to bring a jacket to your class in X-hall.

9. You got Upper crust on late starts.

10. You asked to a dance with a cookie cake.

11. You harassed former superintendent George Fornero for a snow day.

12. Your Spanish teacher performed during Deerfield Idol.

13. You looked for Mr. Forrester or Mr. Rigler on the right side of Perry's at Lollapalooza.

14. You graduated with less than 10 African American classmates.

15. You ditched class to nap in the dungeon (aka nurse's office).

16. You longed for the days of the courtyard.

17. You had Tross Boss as your substitute.

18. You got a little too into the dress ups for basketball games.

19. You changed your Facebook name to a pun as a senior.

And then didn't like what you chose, but needed to wait 60 days until you were able to change it back.

20. You were pretty sure that the cafe cookies have cocaine in them.

21. You bought Seroogy bars from the Badminton team.

22. You created drama when a senior boy asked a younger girl to prom.

23. You were too scared to walk through the blocks as a freshman.

24. You made a mole for chemistry.

And there is a good chance you are Jewish.

25. If you played a sport, you had to sit through the Ruiz meetings.

26. Your hand print is on this wall.

27. You forgot homeroom breakfast at least once, and it was terrifying.

28. You told your teachers you were going to the bathroom but really went to get food from the cafeteria or meet up with your friends.

29. You are somehow connected in this "family tree."

And you should be extra proud if you're not.

30. Your locker was covered in decorations of the college you were attending.

31. You wrote a letter-to-your-future-self in this fashion.

32. 100 days made you cry.

33. You were a little too comfortable with your teachers and how you contacted them.

34. You needed to be held back from fighting the enemy: Highland Park.

35. Your senior will was written in code.

36. And finally, you appreciate your great education but are happy to put those high school days behind you.

And a quick special shout out to the class of 2015.

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