Have you ever had those days where you feel numb? You exist, but that's all. No matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to spark any interest that makes you feel alive? I have. The first time this happened to me was my junior year of high school. I remember it plain as day. I didn't eat to try to make myself hungry. I ate to see if it would make me feel any more whole. I tried to exercise to relieve my stress. I tried to sleep to make it go away. I kept trying and trying to feel something, anything.

Throughout the years, I sometimes get this way. I've learned to manage this better, but when it happens one thing that works more than the rest is music. I don't know how many people have ever felt this way, or if you personally have, but if so I'd like to share this with you. At the very least, this is a tasteful playlist that you can enjoy. But, maybe one day you'll need something to make you feel alive.

"Fast Car" — Tracy Chapman

"Hear You Me" — Jimmy Eat World

"Breathe" — Anna Nalik

"Somewhere Only We Know" — Keane

"Heroes-1999 Remastered Version)" — David Bowie

"Dare You To Move" — Switchfoot

"All These Things That I've Done" — The Killers

"The Freshman" — The Verve Pipe

"Iris" — The Goo Goo Dolls

"Crash Into Me" — Dave Matthews Band

"Midnight City" — M83

"Where Does the Good Go" — Tegan and Sara

"Unwell" — Matchbox Twenty

"Such Great Heights" — The Postal Service

"Breathe Me" — Sia

"Young and Beautiful" — Lana Del Ray

"Beautiful Day" — U2

"Shadow Days" — John Mayer

"Sirens" — Pearl Jam

"Blurry" — Puddle of Mudd

"One Headlight" — The Wallflowers

"How's It Going to Be" — Third Eye Blind

"Superman" — Five for Fighting

"Glycerine" — Bush

"The Scientist" — Coldplay

"Starlight" — Muse

"Best I Ever Had" — Vertical Horizon

"Dream" — Priscilla Ahn

"Island in the Sun" — Weezer

"All Apologies" — Nirvana

"Skinny Love- "Birdy

"Adam's Song" — Blink 182

"Linger" — The Cranberries

"Every Breath You Take" —The Police

"Come on Eileen" — Dexys Midnight Runners

"Landslide" — Fleetwood Mac

Maybe one of these songs can remind you, that you are. I hope you know that you do not just exist. You are alive, and you are here for a reason.