35 Thoughts Every Nervous Driver Obsesses Over
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35 Thoughts Every Nervous Driver Obsesses Over

It's not that I don't think I can drive, the problem is that other people can't drive.

35 Thoughts Every Nervous Driver Obsesses Over
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While most people cannot wait to turn 16 and get their driver's permit, I could have waited forever. Every time I even thought about driving, I would instantly get anxious. After seeing kids pass their drivers test when they couldn't pass anything else, I instantly thought the worst. Almost four years later, and I am no more comfortable behind the wheel than the first day I sat behind it.

Here are 35 thoughts I have as a nervous driver:

1. Please use your turn signal. PLEASE.

2. Oh no. *Obsessively checks mirrors* Someone is behind me.

3. I'm not going slow, I'm going the SPEED LIMIT.

4. The light is gonna turn yellow soon… should I try to make it?

5. *Has ¼ tank of gas* Am I going to make it to the gas station?

6. I can’t listen to this song. It’s too catchy, and I’ll want to sing along.

7. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I need to sneeze. I have to keep my eyes open, but mom always said that will make my eyeballs pop out. Should I crash the car or let my eyes come out of my head?

8. Who’s beeping? Is it at me? Please don’t be at me.

9. Why is this person following me?

10. What was that noise? I REALLY hope that I don’t need to fix anything because I’m sure I’d mess it up.

11. If I run out of gas, I will have to hitchhike and that is not okay.

12. Oh, they didn’t see me wave to thank them. They think I’m a jerk now. Great.

13. Why isn’t there a good speed for the wipers? I can either see water or the wipers. Where is the road?

14. Thanks for using your turn signal, but you've had it on for two miles. WHERE ARE YOU TURNING?

15. Let me just park all the way over here. It’s for the... uhhh... extra exercise...yeah.

16. You want me to drive you somewhere? I need no judgment and no comments. In fact, just close your eyes and mouth.

17. Did I just go through a stop sign? I hope I didn't. *Pulls over to check*

18. HURRY LITTLE SQUIRREL. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I ran you over.

19. Why is this dude so close to me?

20. Why are these drivers so high strung? Just chill out.

21. Jerk cut me off. I should beep. Has the appropriate time-frame to beep passed?

22. I should beep. No, wait, what if they want to fight or have a gun?


24. So, if I have to be there at 6 and it takes 15 minutes to get there, I should leave between 5:15 and 5:30.

25. *Gets to intersection 3 seconds before them* I should probably just let them go.

26. I look like an old person sitting so far up in my seat.

27. Why do you have so many bumper stickers? I can't read them while I drive.

28. What is the point of making your car that loud besides scaring the crap out of me?

29. Am I the only person who makes a complete stop at stop signs?

30. *Does one slight thing wrong* I hope no one saw that. This is humiliating.

31. I'm not scared of my driving. I'm scared of other people's driving.

32. I'm hungry. Maybe I should go through the drive thru. Oh no, wait, what if I crash in the drive-thru? All these hangry people would mob me.

33. Can I just pull over and wait til daytime to drive?

34. Keep your mind on driving...keep your mind on...why does Burger King have such a distinct smell? NO. Stop. FOCUS ON THE ROAD.

35. FINALLY, I HAVE ARRIVED. NO MORE DRIVING FOR ME. Wait, I'm not going to be able to enjoy myself because I have to drive home later.

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