Friends Don’t Let Friends…

1. "Go basically anywhere alone." - Katelin Gandee, @katelinashlee

2. "Eat a tub of ice cream alone." - Lauren Nickel, @nickelgurl24

3. "Blow their ex-boyfriend's phone up." - Avonelle Cantrell

4. "Do 'all-nighters' by themselves." - Kristin Phillips

5. Craft for their Big/Little alone.

6. Go to that tinder boy's house meeting him for the first time. No matter how cute he is in his pictures with his dog.

7. Walk by Auntie Anne's at the mall without stopping to get a pretzel, because you know they're just going to regret not getting them and come back anyway.

8. "Eat that drunk Taco Bell at 3 am when you've been trying to do #healthyliving the whole

week." - Maggie Reno, @maggiereno2535

9. "But also go with you to Taco Bell at 3 am when you are over #healthyliving because you

deserve it." - Amy Horne

10. "Think that a 6-hour drive is too long to drive just to hangout for 2 days." - Madison Williams

11. Get their expensive shoes dirty.

Even if that means having to carry someone over the mud. #truefriendship

12. Watch Grey's Anatomy season 8, the last episode alone.

13. "Eat a whole pizza alone." - Reanna Schnubel

14. "Text that guy that doesn't actually care about them back."

15. "Go on drives alone."

16. "Feel ashamed of who they are and never judge." - Allyson Topping, @itsAllyyy

17. Fail that test the next day even if they have to force you to study.

18. "Puke without holding their hair back." - Reanna Schnubel

19. "Binge-watch Gilmore Girls alone." - Kasie Mills

20. "...Or basically any show on Netflix alone." - Nellie Forker

21. Continue to watch black-head removal videos on YouTube after they're already grossed out.

It's your job to stop the madness after they say the words: "It's just getting worse as the

videos go on."

1. 22. "Get hit on by douche bags at the club." - Ray Taylor

23. "Buy an ugly outfit." - O. Lee

"Unless they want a good laugh."

24. "Text your ex after a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon when you're feeling lonely."

25. "Go to that frat party alone." - Maggie Reno, @maggiereno2535

"And they make sure you're leaving alone."

26. "Cut their hair short." - Morgan McCrea

Like really short.

27. "Date total and complete jerks." - Ann Franco

28. "Move 500 miles away from them." - Natalee Fitzpatrick

Or, if they do: "They never ignore your phone calls at 2 am because anything is an emergency at 2 am."

29. "Wear crocs." - Kim Phillips

Perhaps one of the most important things you can learn from this list.

30. "Sing with a mariachi band." - Danny Huff

31. "Put ketchup on hot dogs." - Kaliph Piper

32. "Go out in public looking like someone from the People of Wal-Mart website." - Andrea Leonard

*cough* "Spandex." *cough*

33. "Handle haters alone." - Jessica Griffith

34. "Let friends feel alone." - Bryanna Wooley (Check out her articles on the Odyssey Online, too!)

35. "Look down on themselves." - Jenna Clark, @1bunhead