35 Signs You’re From The Bay Area
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35 Signs You’re From The Bay Area

You make it known that you are from the Bay Area when you meet someone new because you’re proud.

35 Signs You’re From The Bay Area

The Bay Area is a place like no other. The food, culture, sports and people make it a magical place that no outsider can begin to comprehend. Whether you live in the city, down the peninsula or across the bay anyone from the Bay Area can agree that there is nowhere else they would rather call home. Here are some signs that you are from the greatest place on earth…

1. You automatically have a special bond with anyone you meet from the Bay.

2. You cringe when you hear someone call San Francisco “Frisco” or “San Fran.”

3. It’s “The City” to you.

4. You’ve driven over the Bay Bridge way more than the Golden Gate.

5. You bring your own bag to the grocery store mostly to avoid judging looks rather than the extra 15 cent charge.

6. Your flight is often delayed by fog.

7. You never leave home without a sweatshirt.

8. Because you know that no matter what the season is any day could look like this.

9. You aren’t afraid of earthquakes but you are prepared with water and non-perishable foods ready to go.

10. And when an earthquake happens you know exactly what to do because of the many drills you practiced in school.

11.You know where the Flintstone house is on 280.

12. Fresh produce is available all year long.

13. You know who Karl is.

14. And Karl sometimes ruins your perfectly planned day but you still have a good time because you’re in the best city on earth.

15. You got down to "Thizzle Dance" by Mac Dre at all middle school dances.

16. E-40, Andre Nickatina, Starting Six and The Holdup are all familiar artists.

17. When it’s above 70 degrees everyone freaks out and puts on shorts.

18. When you meet someone from the Bay Area you ask them what high school they went to.

19. You have to explain what Dutch Crunch rolls are.

20. And It’s-It.

21. You’ve never actually been to Alcatraz or on a cable car because that’s for tourists.

22. You prefer taking public transportation over driving.

23. And you know it's called BART not "The BART."

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24. You’re shocked by how cheap it is to live in other cities.

25. You’re not afraid of the homeless people anywhere because they’re so friendly.

26. You’ve attended many country concerts at Shoreline.

27. "Hella" is a large part of your vocabulary.

28. Shane Co. in Cupertino, San Mateo and Walnut Creek - You hear this commercial all too often.

29. You spend your 4th of July and New Year in Lake Tahoe.

30. You can never say “there’s nothing to do today," because there is always plenty to do.

31. You’re a fan of all Bay Area sports teams.

32. Except the traffic that it brings.

33. When you see people dressed up in odd costumes running around the city you don't even question it.

34. You make it known that you are from the Bay Area when you meet someone new because you’re proud.

35. You will never move anywhere else, because why would you?

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