The Perfect List Of Christmas Gifts For College Girls
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The Perfect List Of Christmas Gifts For College Girls

35 presents college girls already have on their Christmas lists.

The Perfect List Of Christmas Gifts For College Girls
Allie Foster

I know my family always struggles around the holidays, especially when it comes to buying presents for their teenage college student. As a way to help my parents (and other struggling parents), I have come up with 35 things any college girl would love to open on Christmas morning!

1. Candles

A nice candle will most definitely be a hit!

2. Anything with their Greek letters or school name

Literally anything.

3. Makeup

Kylie has just started hinting at her holiday collection and MAC always has really nice brush sets around the holidays!

4. Kendra Scott jewelry in her school's colors

5. Game-day outfits

6. A new planner for the new year

Also Planner Stickers!

7. Lush bath bombs

A small luxury in life.

8. Essential oil diffuser

9. Victoria's Secret sweatpants

10. A soft, fuzzy, blanket

11. Apple Watch

Tell yourself it's to help your kid get to class on time!

12. Decorative lights

For patios, dorm rooms, bedrooms.... we love them all

13. Kate Spade laptop case

14. A small Tory Burch purse

15. Alex and Ani bracelet

16. S'well Bottle

17. Pocket Wallet for a phone

18. 10+ ft. Phone Charger

19. Portable charger

20. Ray Bans

21. Scratch-Off Map

For the traveler

22. Fun stickers

For our Laptops, Yetis, and whatever else we can put them on

23. Bose headphones

24. Money

College is expensive and every little bit helps.

25. Woolly

26. Fun colored pens/stationary

27. Graphic tees

28. Clarisonic

29. Gift cards

For food, for clothes, for coffee, literally anything

30. Chill Pill pillow

We can always use a reminder to chill. Can be purchased online from Bloomingdales.

31. "We Came. We Saw. We Contoured" makeup bag

Or one equally as cute!

32. A mani-pedi gift certificate or a spa day

We all need to be pampered a little.

33. Starbucks gift card

This deserves a category of its own.

34. Apartment decor

Please see my Pinterest board for details.

35. NorthFace backpack

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