26 Laptop Stickers Only College Girls Can Really Understand

26 Laptop Stickers Only College Girls Can Really Understand

You can never have enough relatable Michael Scott moments

Stickers are the staple of every college student's laptop. They are a fun form of personal expression that turns a blank space into a canvas of creativity.

College is also a place where we live a lifestyle that rarely makes sense to people who aren't involved. We party on the weekends, we study till all hours of the night, we make darkly humorous comments about our impending death by schoolwork and we fall asleep in places nobody would've seen themselves falling asleep in 5 years ago.

So, here are 26 laptop stickers that only college students will really understand.

1. The pain of dog deprivation on campus

2. Fashions that only makes sense in college

3. The Fierce Feminist

4. The unbreakable bromance

5. The universal "I didn't study for this exam, but" symbol

6. The grammar Nazi

7. An accurate representation of your face during finals week

8. A tribute to your favorite Vines (may they rest in peace)

9. A representation of the useless information your tuition dollars buy you

10. The "my parents came to town and took me out for a meal that doesn't taste like sh*t"

11. An award higher than the Dean's List

12. "Yeah, Mom? I kind of need $20..."

13. Professor: This next exam should be a breeze

14. The epitome of every college social situation

15. An accurate representation of you from 5 pm Thursday night to 3 am Sunday morning

16. "Next week I have 2 exams, 3 papers, a presentation and..."

17. You know what fixes paralyzing stress? Food. Always food.

18. The pun that makes you laugh way too hard because you are dangerously sleep deprived

19. Every dying student's saving grace

20. Yet another representation of college life

21. "Oh yeah, Mom, studying is going really... well."

22. How you really feel when you say, "I'm fine."

23. "How is your semester going?"

24. When you hear, "Your major won't make you very much money" for the 1,000th time

25. Basically any Michael Scott moment

26. The universal "No, I'm definitely not basic" symbol

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25 Moments Of 'A Christmas Story' You Remember While Watching It 10 Times In A Row On Christmas

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid."


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1. When poor Randy had to bundled up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 


2. And in turn caused a huge problem. 


3. Oh, and another problem. 


4. When Ralphie dropped the F-Bomb in front of his father. He didn't say "fudge." 


5. And he received the classic soap bar punishment. 


6. When Swartz was persistent on getting what he wanted.


7. When we realized Ralphie's father had never seen the word "fragile." 


8. When Ralphie's mother was determined to keep her husband unhappy. 


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20. It's okay, though. Ralphie eventually decides not to put up with it. 


21. And let's not forget the pink nightmare Ralphie was given. 


22. Ralphie's daydreams were interesting, too. 


23. But some of them were weird. 


24. When the Red Ryder BB gun ended up being a hazard after all. 


25. Who am I kidding? The whole movie is memorable. 


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