33 Unanswered Questions We Have About "Sex And The City"
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33 Unanswered Questions We Have About "Sex And The City"

What the hell happened to Skipper?

33 Unanswered Questions We Have About "Sex And The City"

After re-watching Sex and The City for the 4th time, I realized just how many questions I still have about the show. Some of these burning questions are Big (lol), and some are small, but they are all things I'm sure many other women have asked themselves too. I have compiled a list of my unanswered questions, to which I hope will be answered one day. Until then, I'll just continue to re-watch the show again and again.

"I couldn't help but wonder..."

1. How did they manage to go 6 seasons without mentioning Big's real name until the very last episode?

2. How can Carrie afford a new pair of Manolo Blahnik heels every week when her job is to write one column a week for a local newspaper?

3. Not to mention, how can she afford an apartment in the middle of Manhattan when all she does is write one freaking column a week?

4. What the hell happened to Skipper? Is he okay?

5. Was Bitsy Von Muffling's husband, the cabaret singer, actually gay?

6. Did Victoria ever sell one of her hideous hand-made purses?

7. Why couldn't Carrie make things work with that one seemingly normal dude in season 2?

8. Did "Mr. Too Big" ever find somebody to love him?

9. If Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte can afford designer clothes then why the hell did they have the shittiest seats at the Yankees game?

10. What happened to Jules and Mimi from Miranda's favorite show "Jules and Mimi"?

11. Did Bill Kelly get elected as City Comptroller?

12. What was with Carrie's hair in the Pilot episode?

13. Are there really Monks out there as hot as the one Samantha tried to seduce with canned goods?

14. Why is Carrie so damn dramatic?

15. How did nobody contract gonorrhea?

16. Why wasn't Bradley Cooper a more prominent character in the show?

17. Did anybody else forget about Matthew McConaughey's cameo?

18. How did Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte actually meet?

19. Why was Jack Berger so tacky and insecure?

20. Where is Jack Berger now?

21. Why didn't anybody tell Carrie she needed to back up her computer?

22. Did Annabelle Bronstein get her hotel key back?

23. What kind of store sells a cardboard baby?

24. Why did Harry drink so much green tea?

25. What does everybody have against scrunchies?

26. How did the girls manage to hangout multiple times a week?

27. Was a token gay best friend the must-have accessory in the late 90's?

28. Who stole Carrie's Manolo's at Kyra's baby shower?

29. What was the tantric massage the girls learned about?

30. How did the girls avoid fighting over men?

31. Why did Laney have to go and steal Charlotte's baby name?

32. How many sexual partners has Samantha had?

33. What did we do to deserve Smith Jerrod?

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