So, you're thinking about getting a boyfriend, are you? Well, before you make any rash decisions, I think you should take the time to seriously think about it. Do you want a boyfriend, or do you want a margarita? After reading this article, I think we all know which you're going to choose. And my suggestion to you is to get a Mango one, they're the best.

1. You won't mind sharing your margarita with someone else

2. They always boost your self confidence

3. Margaritas will never 'forget' to text you back

4. They'll never leave you with a bad taste in your mouth

5. You never have to spend more than $15 on a margarita

6. Margaritas won't lie to you

7. They always taste good

8. And if they don't, it's only because they're stronger than you originally thought

9. They always make sure you're having fun

10. No one will judge you if you have a different one every night

11. You always know exactly what you're getting with a margarita

12. A margarita will never give you mixed feelings

13. Plus, they can't speak

14. Margaritas always smell delicious

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15. Their hangovers last a few hours, and heartbreaks can last for years

16. A margarita will never tell you you've had too much

17. Every margarita flavor tastes good

18. And if for some reason it doesn't, you can just get a new one

19. Every margarita size is fulfilling

20. Margaritas always make you happy

21. Your margarita will never look for someone who can finish it faster than you can

22. Your margarita will always like your friends, and your friends will always like it

23. You won't get mad when you hear that someone else sucked on your margarita

24. A margarita will never tell you you're being 'psycho'

25. Your margarita will never lead you on

26. A margarita won't get mad when you get a new one as soon as you're done with it

27. No one will think less of you if you're enjoying two margaritas at once

28. A margarita will support every decision you make

29. Margaritas won't call you derogatory names because of what you're wearing, doing, or saying

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30. A margarita will always pick you up when you're down

31. Your margarita won't mind if you want to spend every night with it

32. It's okay if a margarita is a little salty

33. A margarita will never let you down