"Gossip Girl": I would say that it’s the sensation sweeping the nation, but this show came out almost 10 years ago. Yikes. Somehow, I am the only person in the world who hasn’t seen this show. Thankfully, all six seasons are on Netflix. Let’s see how it goes…

1. Is it that big of a deal to show up at a train station?

2. So, I’m supposed to think that anywhere Serena goes in New York City, people know her? Damn, she’s popular.

3. Why is Nate’s dad called "Captain?"

4. I hope Chuck’s hair isn’t going to stay like this the entire series.

5. Why is Nate so much more excited to see Serena than his girlfriend?

6. Poor Serena, she is terribly underdressed for this party.

7. “They haven’t let him out yet”? Who’s him? Out of what, jail? Is someone in jail?

8. Wow this hug between Blair and Serena is so fake.

9. I thought they were best friends, so why does Blair look pissed that Serena showed up?

10. This intro sequence is creepy.

11. Wow, Serena’s little brother is so cute. His highlighted hair is such hot #look.

12. So, is Nate gonna say anything to Serena about the fact that she is still wearing the same outfit she was wearing the night before?

13. Jeez, Nate is really concerned about Serena.

14. Dan and Jenny’s dad is wearing a choker. This dude is hip AF.

15. Why is Chuck wearing so many patterns at once?

16. OK, Chuck is a total pig.

17. Eating breakfast on the steps of the Met. Such #glamour.

18. Why wouldn’t Blair invite Serena to her party? Rude.

19. Dan is so weird? But weird in a good way.

20. I can already sense the blossoming 14-year-old love story between Jenny and Eric.

21. Nate and Blair have been dating since kindergarten? Kudos kiddos.

22. Can Chuck chill out?

23. Ooooooooh! That is why Nate is so concerned about Serena.

24. Why is it that, even though Serena is the one who hooked up with Blair’s boyfriend, I still like Serena more? Help.

25. I love how Nate’s dad is using his son’s high school relationship for a business deal. I love this style of parenting!

26. Wow, Serena’s phone is defiantly a T-Mobile Sidekick. 2007 was such a ripe time in the cellular phone industry.

27. OK, what is with all the tension between Dan’s dad and Serena’s mom?

28. I have heard more Justin Timberlake and Timbaland songs in this one episode than I have in the past five years.

29. Yuck! Chuck is a horrible! Why does everyone like him so much?

30. Dan is so ~sassy~.

31. Ouch! B just gave S a b!tch face from hell.

32. B and S? How did I already start picking up on their lingo?

But really, who's "Gossip Girl?"