As college students, most everything we do is harder, because we don’t have our parents here forcing us to get out of bed or go to class. Our professors don’t punish us for not passing in homework. Nobody gives us detention for being late. The development of self-motivation is a huge part of growing up, and it really begins when college starts.

Besides classes, the hardest place to motivate ourselves to go to is the gym. After all, the less-than-healthy dining hall food, partying, and late night snacking can quickly sneak up on us. A summer full of swimming and organic food has nothing on a month at college. Even though we know this, we use every excuse in the book to steer clear of the beautiful (and free) workout facilities our schools have to offer. You’re lying if you say you haven’t used one (or all) of these to skip cardio or leg day.

1. I’m too tired.

2. I’m still sore from last week.

3. My makeup looks good today, I don’t want to ruin it.

4. So does my hair.

5. I don’t have any clean sports bras.

6. That reminds me, I have to do laundry.

7. I can't find my student ID, I can't swipe in.

8. My show comes on in four hours, I got to prepare.

9. I need to call my mom.

10. And my grandmother.

11. I need to catch up on Netflix.

12. My bed is too comfy.

13. I JUST painted my nails.

14. I’m still hungover.

15. I'm making Easy Mac.

16. I need to a nap.

17. I’m too full from lunch.

18. No, what if that kid I kissed is in there?!

19. He’s in there, I saw his Snapchat story.

20. Didn’t we already go once this week?

21. That was two weeks ago? Okay, but still.

22. I haven’t shaved my legs in forever.

23. I feel like I’m getting a cough, I shouldn’t.

24. I have to catch up on homework.

25. And "Grey's Anatomy."

26. I ate really healthy today, I don’t have to go.

27. I ate really unhealthy today, it won’t even help.

28. My phone is on 20 percent.

29. And I lost my headphones.

30. I’m so out of shape, I’ll embarrass myself.

31. I’ll start going on Monday.

32. I literally can’t.