30 Things You Need To Survive Your Final Exams
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Student Life

30 Things You Need To Survive Your Final Exams

Because this semester has been hard enough

30 Things You Need To Survive Your Final Exams

This entire semester has been absolutely brutal. The tests have been hard. The lectures have been jam-packed. We found out that the iPhone 7 won't have headphone jacks. There was an election that made everyone lose their minds. Things have just been difficult. My close friends may say, "But Paris, you say that about every single semester!" And my reply to that is yes I do, and this one is no exception. Fall 2016 needs to bid adieu for the sake of millions of 20 somethings because we have already said goodbye to it. But alas, we still have end of the year exams because this is not Hogwarts. With finals week approaching, I have some anxiety about what my grades will look like as I'm sure most students do. But have no fear, I have put together a list of 30 finals week essentials one must have to survive the rest of this heinous semester.

1. A cute coffee cup + lots of coffee

It's easier to ignore the fact that your caffeine intake is through the roof when there's a cool looking cactus on your cup.

2. Comfy grey sweatpants

Nothing says, "I'm a studious young individual" quite like a messy bun and a ginormous pair of sweatpants.

3. This "Study Time Starts Now" Spotify playlist

You probably don't know any of the songs or the artists who penned them which is sort of the point I guess. F O C U S.

4. Notecards

Flashcards are proven to help increase retention when you study.

5. A Quizlet account

If you didn't take notes all semester long, here is a website to solve all your problems (unless your professor wrote your textbook- sorry).

6. Snacks

PSA: Calories consumed during Finals Week don't count.

7. Highlighters

Or just highlight the entire page like I do. It's all important right?

8. Flash drive

Don't let all your hard work go unsaved. Also, Google Drive is another great option if you're likely to lose the "memory stick."

9. Water bottle

It says somewhere in some book that drinking water is good for your brain. Take that to heart.

10. Planner with all the exam times written down and DOUBLE CHECKED

One of the best memories you'll make in college is when you have to beg your professor for a makeup exam because you got the time wrong. Just kidding it's the worst. Double check the time.

11. Alarm clock separate from your phone

Do not rely on your cell phone alarm to wake you up. I repeat, do not rely on your cell phone alarm to wake you up.

12. Self-control

There are apps to help you stay off social media. If that's what it takes, just do it. Insta can wait a little while longer.

13. A reserved room in the library

If you cannot master the art of self-control (don't feel bad, some of us never get there), get a room in the library and lock yourself in until the work is done. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

14. Lots of Scantrons

Don't be that guy who asks if anyone has an extra scantron. Take care of your business.

15. TI-84 Calculator

I know it's almost $100 but just do yourself a favor and invest in one. They do so much and are applicable in so many kinds of classes. Most professors let you use a calculator during tests so get yourself one of these bad boys and use it.

16. Adult coloring book

A good alternative to social media when you need a study break.

17. Concealer

Just because you stayed up all night doesn't mean everyone has to know you did.

18. Dry shampoo

Because we know you aren't going to take time to wash your hair during finals week.

19. Access to a printer

Print your notes out when you can. The less you have to be on the computer, the more your eyes will thank you.

20. Fall scented candle

Keep the holidays alive even when you feel like death.

21. Vitamin gummies

It'll make up for all the vegetables you don't eat...sort of.

22. #2 pencils

Be prepared.

23. A study buddy

Get to know at least one person in all your courses before the end of the year. Share those Quizlets.

24. Study guides from each class

If your professor loves you, they will provide a study guide. Known to be worth their weight in gold.

25. Notes from the semester

Hopefully you took some if the study guide thing didn't happen.

26. Essential Oils

There's not a lot that Lavender Essential Oils can't fix.

27. Headphones

Gotta jam to your study playlist right?

28. Sticky notes

I don't really know what you use them for in an academic context, but I always buy them because they seem helpful to other people.

29. Ponytail holders, headbands, etc.

Work that updo girl. Nobody has time to do their hair at this point.

30. Motivational Pinterest board

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