30 Things To Do When You Need To Relax

There's all a point in our lives where stress just builds up and you don't know what to do with it. Here are a few things to do when you get yourself into that position.

1. Color

ADULT COLORING BOOKS ARE THE BOMB. Check out Amazon's best sellers!

2. Listen to Music

I highly recommend The Neighbourhood.

3. Use a Face Mask

The ones at Target are so cheap!

4. Use a Zen Garden

You can get them for cheap on Amazon and they come in varieties, too.

5. Listen to a Sound Machine

There are TONS of apps to download that have beach sounds, rain forest sounds, and other relaxing sounds of nature.

6. Watch Funny Vines

You can find them on Twitter and Facebook. They are literally everywhere.

7. Take a Bath

Use a bath bomb or make a bubble bath!

8. Take a Relaxing Shower

And then after that...

9. Moisturize and Exfoliate

Literally, this is the best thing ever.

10. Binge Watch Your Favorite TV Show

I recommend Bob's Burgers or Parks and Recreation.

11. Exercise!

It totally works.

12. Write in a Journal

Writing it out can help so much.

13. Drink Tea

Green, Kava, or Peppermint are the best for relaxation.

14. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

They are so peaceful to watch.

15. Draw

Freehand drawing can let out tons of emotions.

16. Dance

It's exercise and fun, too!

17. Eat Candy!

Not too much, though; just enough.

18. Make a Stress Jar!

Grab any jar and write a bunch of relaxing or motivating sayings on small pieces of paper and put them in it. Pull one out each day.

19. Read

I love to read and get lost in another character's life. My favorite books have to be Go Ask Alice, Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars, and Thirteen Reasons Why.

20. Take a Nap

There is literally nothing wrong with taking a nap and it feels so nice.

21. Light a Candle

I am obsessed with candles. Sometimes, it's hard to choose which one to light!

22. Take a Few Deep Breaths

Just remember where you are and reassure yourself that it will be okay.

23. Watch the Clouds

It's more relaxing than you think.

24. Make Someone's Day

Other people's happiness can make you happy, too!

25. Listen to a Guided Relaxation

There are some on Youtube. They are God's gift, I swear.

26. Facetime a Friend

If they're your real friends, they will listen to you let out your stress.

27. Cuddle With a Pet

They are the world's best stress relievers.

28. Take a Walk in the Park

Going out on a decent day can make you feel relaxed. Fresh air helps.

29. Treat Yourself

That's right - buy that shirt you've been looking at for a few months.


There is nothing less stressful than loving and accepting yourself for who you are.

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