30 Theater Truths Every Respectable Drama Nerd Knows

Musical theater is a misunderstood way of life. Here are 30 things that every musical theater nerd will understand.

1. Warning label you hand out to prospective friends:

When you love musical theatre life is a musical. Every day. Every minute. Every quote. Every word can and will be sung.

2. When people tell you to "tone down" your love for musicals.

3. The only metaphor that truly describes the bliss of getting your role:

Your non-theatre friends may not understand the importance of the role you just got. Show them this and add some jazz hands.

4. When someone thinks they're going to get your role.

Lets not beat around the bush, but that role is MINE and you know it. *cough cough to the girl who presumptuously changed her Myspace name to my character's name cough cough*

5. When someone else get's your role:

Go Elle Woods on their asses. You're gonna be so much better than beeffoooorrrreee.

6. Quick changes while singing are not easy.

Every thespian quickly learns the art of quick changes, but try doing it while keeping perfect pitch!

7. Broadway Queen.

8. Screen Queen.

9. King.

10. When Queen's or King do anything.

11. When you pull of a great performance, but notes say you were slightly off tempo during scene 3 act 2.

Whatever, the audience loves me.

12. The dramatic way you greet all of your musical friends.

13. Need me to strip? No Problem?

Theatre breaks down all barriers.

14. When someone steals your vanity.

I don't care if we're mid-show or before the show has even been cast. That is my spot.

15. When they revive your favorite musical with all the wrong actors.

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

Between years of dance lessons and choreography practice, a night on the town with the girls (and GBFF's) is a chance to show off your stuff.

16. When your show ends before you can see it.

Sometimes you just can't make it to Broadway in time or maybe it was over before you were even born. Either way there's a hole in your heart from what you know would have been your favorite musical. *cough cough* The Little Mermaid on Broadway *cough cough*

17. Putting on your costume.

Thank you, costume mistress.

18. Eating before getting into costume.

It may only be an hour and a half run, but that is an hour and a half I am not allowed to eat.

19. Eating in your costume anyways.


20. Going through the costume closet.

Someday that one skirt will end up in my personal closet.

21. The feels after notes.

22. Vocal exercises.

23. Meeting other musical theatre nerds


24. When someone says they're a musical theatre nerd, but Wicked is the only musical they know.

Please leave.

25. Singing in the car with musical theatre friends.

Singing in the car with anyone is fun, but nothing is better than rocking musicals.

26. That one musical song that makes you sob.

For me, it's "For Good" from Wicked. (Because I knew Mama Felicia and I have been changed for good.) But every musical theatre nerd has that one song that tugs on your heart.

27. This sequence featuring King sums up life as a musical theater nerd.

28. When someone leaves the family.

Whether they're moving on to another show, theater, or school it can be heartbreaking to say goodbye to members of your theater family.

29. The joy of a successful show

Nothing beats it.

30. Musical theater is fabulous and so are you.

Be fabulous darling. <3

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