The fall semester is starting up, and it should come at no surprise that some points can be stressful and overwhelming. Thankfully, "The Office" created a truly iconic character in Michael Scott that gives us plenty of oneliners that can resonate with our situations, help us get through the tough times with a few laughs, or just relate to the struggle. Anytime you need a pick-me-up, just think, "What would Michael Scott say?"

1. When you're trying to throw a paper together last minute.

2. When you interview for a position and they ask about your weaknesses.

3. When you're not sure if you really have it together or not.

4. When sometimes the best option is to just get away for a little while.

5. When you warn younger students about classes you've already taken.

6. When sometimes you just need a confidence boost.

7. When you try to find a perfect quote to finish off your paper.

8. When you see a group of friends laughing and wish you were included.

9. When you're trying to finish a group project but none of your teammates will answer.

10. When you have to knock sense into people about something you're passionate about.

11. When you don't want to go somewhere but don't want to disappoint the person.

12. When you're struggling to find an accurate source for a paper.

13. When you try to make friends with someone but you already know it's not going to work.

14. When someone asks you how your classes are going.

15. When something breaks but you're too cheap or poor to replace it.

16. When you want to switch up your daily routine but you're too scared to.

17. When you set up friends and they work out and you're beaming with pride.

18. When you're trying to think of the best strategy to make friends.

19. When you find $5 on the street walking to class.

20. When you give a stellar presentation in class and want to add some ~pizzazz~.

21. When you're trying to set goals for yourself for the semester.

22. When you get so overwhelmed you don't even know how to express it.

23. When someone does something to upset you and you need to give them a warning.

24. When you see your friends doing something without you.

25. When you get to that point in the semester where you're not sure how to continue on.

26. When your professor is talking but all you hear is "blah blah blah".

27. When you have to give yourself high standards to strive for.

28. When you get paired with someone you absolutely hate.

29. When you try to look on the bright side of situations.

30. And finally, when you need a classic one-liner to make everyone laugh.

Now that you're armed with an essential list of Michael Scott hits, go out this semester and make the "World's Best Boss" proud.