30 Meals I Will Leave Behind This Thanksgiving
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30 Meals I Will Leave Behind This Thanksgiving

And I couldn't be more grateful.

30 Meals I Will Leave Behind This Thanksgiving
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Since moving out of my parent's house and coming to college, I have come to learn a lot of different life skills.

I can now do things like clean out the bottom of a refrigerator, kill spiders on the wall, put aside enough money to buy boring things like hand soap and even cook for myself. The cooking thing is actually still a work in progress. If I have some main essentials on hand, things turn out okay, a little bizarre maybe, but edible for the most part.

And that's why I am absolutely psyched to be coming home for Thanksgiving this week. The turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole will be infinitely better than what I usually eat at my apartment on a casual Wednesday night. For a brief couple of days, I will be drinking sweet tea and buttering soft biscuits for my supper instead of eating the sad excuses I call dinners. I have compiled a list of some of the meals I look forward to leaving behind temporarily for the holiday season.

1. Shrimp flavored Ramen noodles

2. Spaghetti with no meatballs

3. A bag of popcorn

4. Peanut butter on a tortilla

5. A bean and cheese burrito from Taco Casa

6. Leftover Halloween candy someone set on the table at work

7. Tortilla chips with melted sandwich cheese on top

8. A Diet Coke and mozzarella sticks

9. A cup of coffee

10. A Little Caesar's five dollar cheese

11. A can of green beans

12. A handful of almonds

13. Scrambled eggs

14. A pint of Ben & Jerry's

15. A large fry from Whataburger

16. A pudding cup my friend didn't want

17. Poptarts

18. Microwavable cups of Mac-N-Cheese

19. A failed Pinterest meal

20. Leftover Olive Garden from when my parents came to town

21. A mixture of rice, cheese and whatever is fixing to go bad

22. A fun size package of M&M's

23. A glass of White Zinfadel

24. A mini Blizzard from Dairy Queen

25. 90 second rice (that I only have the patience to cook for a minute)

26. Hamburger Helper without the hamburger

27. Smuggled tacos from the free lunch the advising department had yesterday

28. An avocado

29. A couple Mentos I found in my purse

30. A nap

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