30 Date Ideas To Get You And Your S.O. Through Spring Semester
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30 Date Ideas To Get You And Your S.O. Through Spring Semester

It's the perfect time of year to try new things and discover the world with your significant other!

30 Date Ideas To Get You And Your S.O. Through Spring Semester
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Spring semester can leave everyone a bit restless, but that doesn't meant that you and your significant other can't still make the best of the next four months on campus. Try a new date idea each week and watch your semester (and relationship) improve as you explore new places, try new foods, and enjoy each other's company!

1. Visit a free art museum in a big city

2. Plant a tree together in your family's backyard (or theirs)

3. Try out a local pizza place near campus

4. Go ice skating if the weather is still cold

5. Volunteer to walk dogs at a local animal shelter

6. Go swimsuit shopping together in anticipation of summer

7. Practice giving each other haircuts at home

8. Complete a 1,000-piece puzzle

9. Spring clean your dorm room, apartment, our house together

10. Go out for milkshakes after class

11. See a movie at the theater, complete with a large popcorn and a blue-raspberry slushy

12. Take an entire weekend to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show

13. Have a mud fight when the weather gets warmer

14. Go on a $20 shopping spree at Dollar Tree

15. Make breakfast together with eggs, bacon, and pancakes

16. Test-drive new cars together

17. See a spring musical, opera, or play on campus

18. Go on a bike ride around town

19. Bake a batch of cookies together

20. Get dressed up and go to a wine-tasting event together

21. Skip class for a day and relax instead of doing homework

22. Borrow a fancy camera and plan an outdoor photo shoot together

23. Hide Easter eggs for each other to find

24. See a concert together at a local bar

25. Buy canvas and paint pictures for each other

26. Cook a gourmet meal and dine in candlelight

27. Watch a track meet, baseball game, or softball game together

28. Bake a pizza with homemade marinara sauce

29. Take a dance class at a local studio

30. Spend a day shopping at fun stores like Target and IKEA

31. Watch an animated movie (from your childhood) together

32. Buy a GPS and go geocaching

33. Purchase an antique table, chair, or desk and refinish it together

34. Go bird watching and keep track of how many birds you can identify

35. Order a large pizza and try to eat the entire thing in one sitting

36. Have an afternoon picnic at the lake

37. Visit a candy store and buy your favorite childhood sweets

38. Go to a fancy restaurant and only order dessert

39. Invite your friends to come over and play board games

40. Borrow a GoPro camera and film your adventures together

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