30 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know
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30 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

Do you hate getting ready? Being a girl can be extremely difficult.

30 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

Do you hate getting ready? Being a girl can be extremely difficult. Girls have to worry about things like hair, makeup, skincare and boys don’t have to worry about any of that. Knowing beauty tips and hacks can make one’s life so much easier and help girls save time but still look amazing!

1. Coconut oil is your best friend

Weather its for cracked heels, moisturizing your face or body, or using it for your hair coconut oil will always be there.

2. Dry shampoo is also your best friend

Ever in a rush and don’t have time to wash your hair? Dry shampoo will be there to make your hair look fresh and clean

3. Always have Q tips to clean your eye makeup

Every girl knows the struggle of getting mascara or eyeliner in places you don't want it. By using a Q-tip to wipe it off, you wipe off the unwanted product but it is precise enough not to take off all the makeup.

4. Always use a setting spray for your makeup

Setting sprays help to make sure your makeup is locked and set in place.

5. Use tape or a credit card to get a perfect winged eyeliner

Tape or a credit card will work as a stencil for winged eyeliner.

6. Wear sunscreen daily

Even in the winter it is crucial for people to wear sunscreen because there is a high risk of skin cancer.

7. Clean your beauty blender with baby soap

Cleaning your beauty blender with soap will make it smell good and be soft. You can also use shampoo to wash your beauty blender.

8. Take biotin to help your hair grow

Biotin is a vitamin that helps your hair, skin, and nails grow. Taking this will increase your chances of getting longer hair.

9. Braid your hair before bed

Braiding your hair before bed will give you beautiful beach waves when you wake up.

10. Contour your nose with a fork

Contouring your nose helps to get the lines exactly precise.

11. Revitalize mascara with contact solution

Have mascara thats running low? Pour some contract solution into the mascara.

12. Apply vaseline to your eyelashes to make them thicker

Applying vaseline to your lashes will make them fuller and full of volume.

13. Use hairspray as an eyebrow gel

Don’t have an eyebrow gel but can’t get your hairs to stay down? Spray hairspray on your spoolie brush.

14. Use a sock instead of a beauty blender

Using a sock instead of a beauty blender can give you a beautiful flawless finish.

15. Create a fan brush with a bobby pin

Most people today are using fan brushes to highlight and contour. Don’t have one? Just use a bobby pin in your regular foundation brush and you will have a fan brush!

16. Make sure to use an eye cream

The under eye is a very sensitive area. It is crucial to keep that area hydrated by using an eye cream.

17. Turn your eyeliner to gel formula with a lighter or match

Ever have a problem with your pencil eyeliner? Try putting it to a lighter.

18. Use a spoon to create a cut crease

Use a spoon as an outline to create your cut crease for sufficient results.

19. Always use an eyeshadow base

Make sure to apply concealer or an eyeshadow primmer to your eyelids. This will help your eyeshadow stick and blend better.

20. Color correcting helps A LOT

Color correction is when you cancel out certain colors on your face with other ones. For example over red areas you would apply the color green to cancel out the redness.

21. Apply deodorant to your thighs so they don't rub together

Ever have your thighs rubbing together in the summertime? Apply deodorant in between your thighs and it won’t happen again!

22. Apply perfume on neck and inside of wrist to last longer

Sometimes getting the smell of perfume to stick is a struggle. By applying perfume on the neck or inside the wrist your perfume is more likely to stick.

23. Apply concealer in a triangular shape

Everyone noes to put concealer under their eyes but everyone doesn't know it shouldn't just be a direct line. It should be in a triangular shape and going downwards.

24. Use conditioner or coconut oil as a shaving cream

Ever run out of shaving cream? You can use conditioner or coconut oil.

25. Contour your lips

To make your lips look fuller you can contour them.

26. Highlighting is your best friend

Highlighting the high points of your face will make you look refreshed and give you a beautiful natural glow.

27. Use a white or nude eyeliner in your lower water line

This will cause your eyes to look more open and awake.

28. Bake your face if you want it to last

If you want to prevent that under eye area from creasing make sure to bake your face. This will cause your eyes to look more open and awake.

29. Set your eyebrows

Always set your eyebrows after filling them in so the hairs stay in place.

30. Blend, blend, blend

Always make sure to blend as much as possible you can never blend too much.

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