3 Ways Seeing My Best Friend Give Birth Changed My Life

3 Ways Seeing My Best Friend Give Birth Changed My Life

I've always been the friend that swore she'd be the traveling, fun aunt who told drunk stories on Thanksgiving.

Until recently, most grown-up activities in my life have felt like a trial run. At this ripe age of 22, I've reached a bit of a slump. If you, too, are experiencing your quarter-life crisis I suggest one quick fix that will have you re-evaluating everything you know: having your best friend become a parent.

There was something about being by my best friend's side for 30 hours as she became a mama bear that made me realize three things.

1. I have no idea what my pain threshold is

Have you ever seen a cantaloupe be shoved through a slinky? Because holy shit.

I've seen birthing videos and I've heard horror stories, but this was my first time being up close and personal to the delivery. Even if you think you're prepared for the "gift of creation," it is nothing until you are in the room for the whole process.

From dilation to epidural to baby. Seven pounds and eleven ounces of pure baby. I started my athletic journey with eight-pound weights! Imagine forcing a dumbbell through your pelvis. As someone who has never broken a bone or even sprained an ankle, I say no thanks. It's not for me. Nope.

2. My best friend is a freakin' superhero

Not only did she sacrifice her body to bring a child into this world, which takes an enormous amount of physical strength, but she had such a healthy pregnancy and has seamlessly evolved into a mother, which takes great mental and emotional strength. I can't wait to see what a smart and loving young man she will raise. I am so unbelievably proud of her. If a little sperm ever attaches itself to one of my eggs, I'd be so blessed to have her as my support system.

3. I'm a born aunt; not a mother

Everything in my life became a reflection of the fact that my best friend was bringing a life onto this planet. I began to re-evaluate everything I was currently doing with my life.

I watched my best friend's tummy swell yet hardly gave my own uterus a second thought during those 9 months. Once labor hit, my brain began racing about myself nearly the entire time: Could I do this? What the hell would I do if I HAD to? Is this even what I want in life?

I've always been the friend that swore she'd be the traveling, fun aunt who told drunk stories on Thanksgiving.

I let my last relationship shift that mindset, however. We named our future daughter and everything. This may be adorable but it was, in a way, toxic for me. I was molding the future I had created for myself to match his mold.

My honorary nephew forced through my best friends legs and through this clouded judgment.

If you're anything like me, your answer to the question "do I want to have a child?" may cause you to end a relationship, move onto a friends couch, and begin a fresh new career. More power to you! Hopefully, you don't have to see your best friends placenta to put it all into perspective.

Cover Image Credit: Grace Hartmann

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To the girl who isn't graduating college "on time,"

I promise, you will get there eventually, and you will walk across that graduation stage with the biggest smile on your face.

You may have a different journey than the people you grew up with, and that is OKAY. You may have some twists and turns along the way, a few too many major changes, a life change, you may have taken most of a semester off to try to figure your life out, and you're doing the best you can.

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They are proud of the woman you are becoming. They don't think of you as a failure or as someone any less awesome than you are. You're getting your degree, you're making moves towards your dreams and the life that you have always wanted, so please stop beating yourself up while you see people graduating college on time and getting a job or buying a car.

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17 Phrases That Gen Z Kids MUST Stop Saying, It's Getting Ridiculous

If you need a translator, try Urban Dictionary.


Let's be real, there are so many new words and phrases that my generation says that make absolutely no sense to adults. I am not sure who comes up with some of them or how they become trendy, but there have been some really interesting terms in the past couple of years. Honestly, it is hard for me to keep up with the meanings of all of them. I am not sure I even use them correctly. Will the world start speaking in Gen Z? The future will only tell us.

1. "Lets get this bread"

Lets get this bread

Honestly this one just makes me hungry.

2. "Weird flex but ok"

Weird flex but ok

I think the reason I don't like this one is because "flex" reminds me of working out and working out is hard.

3. "It's lit"

It's lit

"Yeah man, this party is soooooo lit!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Just stop. Like please, stop.

4. "Gucci"


We probably just say it because we wish we could afford it.

5. "Yeet"


At a certain point autocorrect is going to correct "yet" to "yeet."

6. "That ain't it"

That ain't it

Who is chief though???

7. "Finna"


"Finna" followed by "imma" makes me cringe the most.

8. "Low key"

Low key

"Yeah, low key it may be high key" - Only by Nicki Minaj

9. "It be like that"

It be like that

It really do be like that though!

10. "Eskit"


I don't even get what this one means but that doesn't stop me from saying it!

11. "Bet"

Bet on it

Don't you mean bet on it? #HSM2

12. "No balls"

No balls

Maybe we should stop talking like pre-teen boys?

13. "That's rad"


I feel like Brandy Melville would slap this on a plain white t-shirt and call it a day.

14. "Salty"


What about pepper...?

15. "Goals"


"Omfg you guys are such goals."

16. "Spill the tea"

Spill the tea

Tbh that would really hurt if someone took this literally...

17. "Pics or it didn't happen"


"Guys! Let's take hella pics tn."

Cringing yet? I will admit I am guilty in saying a lot of these terms. For those of you who get annoyed with any of these terms, I agree and think they are getting repetitive. Honestly, it may be crushing our vocabulary. For real, imagine walking into your first job and saying to your boss "Let's get this bread!" Enough said, let's go back to talking real English.

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