3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prevent a Car Accident

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prevent a Car Accident

Over a seven year period, AAA estimates that road rage has caused 218 murders and more than 12,000 injuries

Car accidents can be deadly. There are 1.3 million deaths per year around the world due to car accidents. Let that sink in. There are over 3,000 people dying every day because of car accidents. And while cars are safer, there are other factors leading to car crashes.

Road rage, for example, is on the rise.

"Over a seven year period, AAA estimates that road rage has caused 218 murders and more than 12,000 injuries," states https://www.mooreandhedges.com/.

There's also the concern of distracted driving increasing.

So, what can you do to prevent a car accident?

1. Put Down Your Smartphone

Smartphones are a major distraction. People are texting and driving more than ever before. There are also issues with social media and making calls while driving. It takes a split second for a person to get into an accident.

You need to put down your smartphone and start paying attention to the road.

If you can't get yourself to do this, there are other options:

And there are a few more, too. These apps will allow you to keep your attention on the road while driving instead of becoming distracted while driving.

Statistics show that 25% of all accidents are now caused by smartphone usage while driving, so use these statistics as inspiration to keep your eyes on the road.

2. Check and Replace Your Brakes

If you can't stop properly, you're at a higher risk of being in an accident. Brakes are your vehicle's lifeline, and if they fail, you're likely going to be in an accident. It's important to have your brakes checked regularly.

Scraping noises are an indicator that you need new brakes, but older vehicles may not have these indicators.

The scraping noises occurs when your pads are down to 2.5mm.

Don't wait until you hear grinding like most car owners do. Instead, you'll want to visually inspect your brakes and have your mechanic inspect them often. It's much cheaper to replace brake pads than it is to replace your car.

3. Follow the 3 Main Basics

When you step into your automobile, you're always at risk of getting into an accident. There is some risk involved every time you drive. But what happens before you start the engine is often able to reduce your risk of an accident.

Before you begin driving:

  • Check your tire pressure and inflate as needed
  • Clean your windshield to boost visibility
  • Clean or replace headlights
  • Adjust your mirrors properly

The goal of your mirrors is to allow you to eliminate blind spots when driving. Blind spots are when a vehicle disappears from your rear-view mirror and you can't see it in your side mirror just yet.

And if you use your mirrors and try switching lanes, you'll end up in an accident.

You should always look before switching lanes, but with the proper mirror adjustments, you'll reduce the number of blind spots you have. Always look before changing lanes, and never rely 100% on the mirrors in your car to see another vehicle.

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Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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“Suicide is not a joke,” yet, Logan Paul Used Someone’s Death for his Own Benefit!

An internet star is wrongfully teaching children that someone’s suicide can be used for views.

On December 31st of 2017 the famous Youtube star, Logan Paul, uploaded a vlog to his Youtube channel of him discovering a dead body. The suicide victim was of a mid-age man who committed suicide hours before Logan discovered him. The suicide also took place not far from Mount Fuji’s parking lot. During Logan Paul’s trip to Japan, himself and a few of his friends decided to visit Mount Fuji, Japan which is nicknamed the “Suicide Forest” due to the high amounts of suicide that take place in the forest. During their trip in Mount Fuji, Logan Paul and his friends started their vlog off with a statement about how there's a chance of them finding a dead body.

Eventually, while in the woods, the camera begins to film a dead body that is hanging by rope from a distance. Logan Paul begins to shout from a distance, asking the body if that’s a joke or not. A Japanese man who is with Logan Paul’s group begins to call the police, while Logan explains that he is in shock and how he never saw a suicide before. Logan explains how suicide is not a joke, and that their are people who care about every member of his “Logang”. Logang refers to the dedicated fan base that fully support Logan Paul.

That controversial part of the video is when Logan films the body of the suicide victim up close. The face is blurred out and you can clearly tell the Logan took time to approach the body in order to film it for views. Logan and his friends than admit that they came to Mount Fuji in order to camp and vlog the forest as a joke. They never expected to actually find a suicide victim’s body. Logan continues to laugh and make jokes about the body, while his friends laugh in the background. Logan also screams and curses about finding the body.

I do not understand why Logan Paul went into the suicide forest expecting to have a fun vlog made for his Logang. How did he not grasp why it’s called the suicide forest? With very quick and easy research, you can discover that hundreds of people go to Mount Fuji to commit suicide each year. Also, Logan’s vlog has the body blurred out, curse words bleeped out, and is edited. While creating the video, he could have realized that he should not include footage of the body or jokes. Logan actually had a great idea to make a vlog about suicide awareness. He could have also explained the history of Mount Fuji in his vlog. Instead, he turned a serious topic into his own joke for his Logang.

Shortly after deleting the video, Logan shared this tweet explaining how he was caught up in the moment, and forgot about his power. Later, he created a video going into more detail about how sorry he is for the vlog. With the video, he has it monetized which means he makes money off of his apology. Currently, Youtube has not punished Logan and his vlog involving Mount Fuji was trending #1 before Logan deleted it. Vine 2, the internet video sharing service that Logan originated from, has blocked him for life. As of now, Logan Paul is taking a break from creating vlogs in order to think about his actions.

Many celebrities and Youtubers have made statements about Logan Paul’s suicide jokes. The majority of celebrities and Youtubers who made comments are against what he did. Some celebrities include Chrissy Teigen, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey, Aaron Paul, and Sophie Turner. Youtuber Philip DeFranco shared a wonderful piece explaining the dangers of Logan Paul’s video. Many other Youtubers shared their problem with Youtube not taking any action against Logan Paul. There has been many Change.org campaigns to have Logan Paul’s channel deleted. But, since Logan has 12 million subscribers and is still powerful, it is unlikely that youtube would punish one of their biggest stars.

Cover Image Credit: Logan Paul Instagram

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