3 Things For You To Do On A Rainy Day
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3 Things For You To Do On A Rainy Day

For you and a group

3 Things For You To Do On A Rainy Day
Just Two Farm Kids

1) Play Card/Board Games

- Rollick!

- Sequence

- Go Fish (Card Game)

- The Big Taboo

- Golf (Card Game)

- Rummy (Card Game)

- Wizard (Card Game)

2) Play Flashlight Tag at Night

The basic rules of flashlight tag are:

***MUST have at least 4 people to play & You must be inside a pitch-dark house & The "Guesser" can only use the flash light when they see someone, they cannot keep it on the whole time:)***

- Pick 1 "Guesser"

- As a group, decide what is off-limits and what is not

- The "Guesser" will be placed in one of the rooms all by themselves with a flashlight

-The "Guesser" will count to 30, once they hit the number 30 they can get up, they then begin to search for each person

- Meanwhile, while the "Guesser" is guessing, the other players will tiptoe to random places all over the house inside the boundaries and they will hide (Hint: The best places to hide are in plain sight)

- The 5 other players can move at any time from their spots as long as they do not get caught by the "Guesser"

- In the room where the "Guesser" starts their guessing, there will be one area that is considered the "Base"; at this "Base", after the 30 seconds has been counted by the "Guesser", any one of the 5 players that are hiding can crawl, tiptoe, run, or sprint to the "Base" in the selected room; once the player touches the "Base" they are safe from the "Guesser" (Each player must individually touch the "Base" in order for them to be considered safe!)

- In the meantime, the "Guesser" is running, tiptoeing, crawling, sprinting, and or hiding themselves in order for them to catch another player; in order for a player to be considered "Caught" the "Guesser" must turn on his/her flashlight and flash the person hiding with the light beam! If the person does not get touched by the light beam, then they are still fair game!

- The last person to get caught is officially the "MVP Best Hider" and the first person to have gotten caught is the next "Guesser"

3) Watch Movies with your Best Friends and Family


- Tarzan

- Twilight (Series)

- Bicentennial Man


- Terminator (Series)

- Fast and Furious (Series)

- Avengers (Series)

- Night at the Museum

- Shrek (Series)


- Dirty Dancing

- Grease

- Mama Mia

- Happy Gilmore


- The Blind Side

- Field of Dreams (1)

- Pretty Women


- Mrs. Doubtfire

- Jumanji (1995)

- Ghostbusters

- Dr. Dolittle

- Identity Thief

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