3 Essential Glasses that Ensure Eye Safety, All Day Long
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3 Essential Glasses that Ensure Eye Safety, All Day Long

For people with poor vision, eyeglasses are their lifeline to see the world, clearly.

Women wearing prescription glasses

If you are suffering from a headache would you consume a protein supplement capsule? Certainly not, right? Sensibly, you would take a relevant pain killer or any doctor prescribed medicine. Though protein supplement and pain killer, both are medications, their purpose is different. Every tablet / capsule has its individual qualities that would cure or be effective only on respective health conditions. The case is similar with glasses. Before you rush on eyeglasses, be aware about its types and functionalities. There are a plethora of styles but you need to analyse your requirements and buy glasses, accordingly. There are dedicated types for correcting, protection or enhancing vision.

Everyday / Regular glasses

If you have a prescription, high or low, always carry a pair of glasses with you. Whether it's reading glasses or usual prescription glasses, wear it when needed for clear viewing. Since, you might have to wear prescription glasses all day long, find a frame that suits your personality, lifestyle and comfort. Whatever shape, material or style of glasses you pick, make sure it complements your face shape and is unconditionally comfortable. There should not be any hassle in choosing stylish pairs as the modern eyewear industry has popped up with boundless choices.

For people with poor vision, eyeglasses are their lifeline to see the world, clearly. You can get perfectly tailored spectacle without compromising on style, quality and comfort.

Computer glasses

Digital eye-strain is the new affliction among the digital age. 72% of the world population are unaware of how digital devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, tabs are dangerously damaging their vision. You could be one of them! If you spend more than 3 hours a day in front of a computer then there are high chances of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Computer glass is the best solution to save your eyesight from the destructive blue light generated from the digital screens. The radiation is so harmful that it can cause blurred vision, itchy or burning eyes, lack of concentration, headache, in fact prolonged exposure can lead to serious vision problems. Computer glasses with blue block coating shield your eyes and help to eliminate digital eye strain. If your work is dependent on computers, then computer glasses are a must. You get prescription as well as non-prescription glasses. Even if you don't have a number, you can wear computer glasses while using digital devices, just to save your eyes from the hazardous radiations.

Polarized glasses

When you go out on a bright sunny day without sunglasses, certainly you must have experienced the glare of the sunlight reflected on any surface. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the ultra violet rays emitted from the sun but polarized sunglasses along with UV protection also eliminates the glare.

The glare which is generated when the sun reflects on wet or shiny surfaces like snow, water or solid surface can have negative impact on the vision. It can cause eye irritation, redness, and headaches. What can be worse than losing your eyesight! Yes the annoying glares can also lead to temporary blindness, so it's sensible to safeguard your eyes with polarized sunglasses. Get rid of the glares, filter out the rays and experience vision comfort, outdoor with high quality polarized glasses. If you are a water enthusiast and enjoy fishing or boating then polarized sunglasses can be a great companion as it enables the wearer to view the contents inside the water more clearly.

If you are already suffering from eye problem, UV protection is a must

Patient suffering from some particular type of eye disease or defect are at high risk of getting affected by UV radiation:

Macular degeneration, Retinal problem - These patients whenever they spend time outside, good quality UV glasses are recommended to avoid increase of their vision problem.

Cataract operated patients - Eyes tend to become more sensitive to UV rays after cataract operation, so again sunglasses with 100% UV protection is recommended for absorbing the harmful rays.

Not all glasses are right for all situations, your everyday prescription glasses will not be your vision savior in all situations. You have to admit the fact, the current environment is hazardous, office, home or outdoor, the surrounding is filled with eye affecting elements. You have to understand which lenses and lens products are designed for your eye protection in particular environments and safeguard your eyes.

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