3 Rising Artists You Can't Miss This Year At Firefly

Firefly Music Festival is known for hosting bands with an iconic image, such as Mumford and Sons and Kings of Leon which bring in a huge fan base to this festival. This year, Firefly will host major headliners Chance the Rapper, The Weeknd, and Bob Dylan.

Along with these well-known artists across the world, Firefly has invited three up and coming musicians that have the potential to truly make a name for themselves. Among these aspiring artists is MAGIC GIANT. Austin Bisnow, Zambricki Li, and Zang are the main components for making the magic happen in the band. Their sound is on the alternative or indie side of the spectrum, but there is something else that really sets them apart from most bands. They added another “member” that is essential to their sound; which is, nature. On the band’s website, Zambricki explains that the band was scheduled to play several Music Festivals “that just so happened to be in really beautiful parts of the country.” This ignited inspiration within the band to buy a shuttle bus and transform it into a “solar-powered mobile recording studio.” They wanted the ability to capture what they were feeling in any given moment based off the sights they saw or sounds they heard within nature. There was one instance when the band was able to record sounds of the wind outside as they were traveling with microphones from the solar powered bus. This eccentric and distinct method of recording is what makes Magic Giant thrive. They are truly on the rise as their hit song "Set on Fire” reached #4 on Spotify’s U.S. Viral 50.

Speaking of hit’s, there is another artist coming to Firefly that certainly has made her mark across the world. Rozescaptured the attention of millions last year when she was featured on the song "Roses" by the Chainsmokers. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Rozes has achieved incredible success with some of her hit singles that were initially released in 2014: "R U Mine" and "In and Out" which have millions of views on Sound Cloud. Rozes gained recognition in the industry with the collaboration with the Chainsmokers, as it landed a spot on the Billboard Top 100 List. Rozes truly has made her mark in the music industry, and is hungry for more success.

Misterwives is the third can't miss artist this year at Firefly. Mandy Lee, William Hehir, Etienne Bowler, Marc Campbell, Jesse Blum, and Mike Murphy are the members of this indie-pop band based out of New York City. With their debut album "Our Own House" released in 2015, the band has opened for acclaimed bands such as Panic at the Disco and 21 Pilots. They recently released an album this May entitled, "Connect the Dots," that is available on Spotify and i-Tunes.

Though Firefly tends to emphasize it's headliners, each act that is preforming has immense talent. Magic Giant, Rozes, and Misterwives are among these, and will put on an epic show!

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