3 Countries, 2 Months, 1 iPhone
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3 Countries, 2 Months, 1 iPhone

Pt. II - Hong Kong.

3 Countries, 2 Months, 1 iPhone
Esther W

TLDR; This past summer I had the privilege of bringing my boyfriend back to two of my home countries and discovering a new one with him. We went to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore and had so much fun! The only regret I had was not using my Canon camera more often, it was hot and humid and I just didn't feel like carrying a clunky camera around and sweating on it. All photos were captured on an iPhone 6. Travel is pretty trendy now, and I'm just lucky that its a frequent part of my life.

Hong Kong is one of my other homes that I love so dearly. My love for dim sum and the tube (subway) will never die. It is a perfect mash up of England and Taiwan and located right in between the two. I brought my boyfriend along and had tons of fun showing him around!

Even the airport in Hong Kong is beautiful. This installment of art was placed all along the conservatory tunnel way. Each piece depicted some of the beautiful nature in Hong Kong, and it was such a beautiful welcome back.

Hong Kong is the perfect mix of nature and bustling city. It is comprised of one mainland and several surrounding islands. Hills and towers go hand in hand to accommodate the dense population of the country, and transportation is usually by boat, tube (subway), taxi, or helicopter if you have the moneys.

This is a random interactive art installation that we found at a shopping mall. People who signed up ahead of time can crawl up and around the woven net and slide down the woven funnels. I still haven't been able to identify it or it's artist, but we envied the people climbing around in the woven strands.

Macau is right next to Hong Kong and is accessible by a quick boat trip. The Macau tower has been visited by several celebrities including Anthony Bourdain, an acclaimed food and travel critique. Activities includes a tower climb, buggy jump, sky walk, and sky jump. (low key didn't try any I'm a fraidy-cat)

Dim Sum is life and you can't tell me otherwise. I love the way dim sum tastes and how it is made. Steamed foods are so good and they're probably healthy as well. My dim sum here is shaped like three Chinese goldfish - adorably delicious!

Shanghai style for miles! This was one of the best meals that I had in Hong Kong, and even though it wasn't a traditional Cantonese restaurant the flavors still blew me away. I am a huge foodie and fell in love with Shanghai style fried rice, Shanghai style fried onion cakes, and their wonton soup! Shoutout to Little Dragon Buns for being the OG and always scrumptious.

Below we have one of my favorite dim sum combinations: crystal shrimp dumplings, crystal spinach dumplings, steamed beef with rice noodle wrap, spring onion pancake, and congee.

Victoria Peak is a popular sightseeing spot that beautiful day and night views. It can be reached by car, taxi, or the cable car that stops at the adjoining mall. There is a viewing deck at the top of the mall, but I think my free view was just as good.

Disneyland! Despite the dorky photo Disneyland was not dorky. This was my boyfriend's first time going to Disney-anything, and I figured he should start off with one of the smaller ones. The Toy Story and Star Wars themed areas were a blast and Space Mountain is just a forever favorite.

The Hong Kong night life is popping - or so I've heard. Night life aside, the view of the buildings and their lights are quite spectacular. They have a light show that performs in Hong Kong Harbor with lasers, light beams, and sequences. I wasn't able to capture a photo while it was happening, but I did snap a picture of the Harbor which is already pretty without the light show.

The last segment of this series will be published next week, look out for Part III - Hello Singapore!

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