Everyone knows that having real friends in your life is insanely and utterly important, especially if you're a girl. Friends have the ability to make the hard times bearable and the good times better, which everyone could use a little more of. There's a difference between a friend and a real friend, and sometimes it's hard to figure out which a person is. But, for girls, it's pretty simple to figure out if someone is your real friend... only because the weird things you guys do together. And these are probably only a few of them.

1. They're not afraid to tell you when you look bad

2. They've seen and know how to handle your worst mood

3. They pay for your food when you forgot your wallet

4. They post hot pictures of you when you're going through a breakup

5. You're always mean to each other, but in the nicest way possible

6. They're always on your side, even if you are being a little psycho

7. You justify each other's shopping addictions

8. You are each other's spontaneous go-to partners

9. You have sleepovers and cuddle with each other almost every night

10. You have the most vulgar, disturbing conversations together

11. You guys crash each other's dates when one persons significant other is being mean

12. You are each other's best worst influences

13. You pop each other's zits

14. You edit each other's Instagram pictures

15. You share your clothes, shoes, and makeup with each other always

16. You guys convince each other that McDonald's isn't that bad for you, so you don't feel guilty about eating it

17. You're brutally honest with each other even if it's not what the other person wants to hear

18. You would do anything for each other.. no matter how gross or embarrassing it may be

19. You are each other's go to when something good, bad, or exciting happens in your life

20. You have a promise that if you're both not married by the age of 40 you'll marry each other

21. You have an entire conversation without saying a word, just by a series of looks to each other

22. You're each other's biggest fans in everything you do, and you're not afraid to show it

23. People seriously wonder if you're lesbians

24. You make sure you get good pictures of each other that are 'gram worthy, unlike regular friends who take 1-2 pictures and hand the phone back

25. You are sworn to secrecy on what you each did freshman year

26. You know that if that girl gives you a mean look from across the bar again they'll get in a fight with you, even if they don't want to

27. You have 'a song' that you always belt out together when it comes on or is played

28. When you guys have a fight you tell each other why you're mad right away, but make up within 2 hours

29. You already have decided that you're going to be each other's Maid-of-Honors someday