28 Times Spongebob Was You In College

28 Times Spongebob Was You In College

From waking up to graduation, there's a Spongebob moment for everything.


We grew up with this talking sponge and his best starfish friend, but I bet you never realized how relatable he is to your everyday college life. I present to you, 28 ways Spongebob is you in college.

1. When your alarm first goes off

We've all been there.

2. When the professor asks you to tell the class about yourself

Because icebreakers are just horrible.

3. When your professor’s lecture is pointless

And then it doesn't even appear on the test.

4. When you get to class and you didn’t know there was a test

So you mentally prepare yourself to fail.

5. When you join a new organization

Welcome to our club!

6. When you’re sick but can’t miss class

Your professors only give you so many skips.

7. When you go to the health center

It's serious, okay?

8. When they don’t take you seriously

I said it was serious!

9. When you panic after procrastinating

Time for that all-nighter.

10. When you think you’re tough after pulling your first all-nighter

No one can stop you today.

11. When you go to your professor’s office hours for the first time

But they probably don't know who you are.

12. When you finally get to go eat lunch

And then, of course, the dining area is crowded and makes you wait even longer.

13. When you’re ready to go out with your friends

You've been looking forward to this all day and it's finally here!

14. When you’re taking care of your drunk friend

Sometimes you just have to let them be weird before you can help them.

15. When you’re the drunk friend looking for your friends

It's worse when everyone looks the same.

16. When your friends are having fun but you just want to go home

But at some point, you might regret going out.

17. When your friend convinces you to skip your class

Your professor gives you free skips sometimes. Why not use them?

18. When your roommate has friends over

Hopefully, they don't steal your food. Oh, wait...

19. When one of your roommates steals your food

Nothing worse than looking forward to your leftovers, only to find them gone. Thanks, roomie.

20. When you’re walking home alone and trying not to panic

It's scary sometimes.

21. When you try to talk about your problems without being dramatic

But your friends probably know anyway.

22. When people protest on campus

They usually get some weird looks, though.

23. When you’re trying to calculate what you need to get on your final to pass

Okay so to get an A I just need to get...a 107% on the final. Cool.

24. When you cram for a test

You emptied your mind of everything but your test and breathing, so now you're ready.

25. When you can’t remember the answer

Guess your cramming session didn't help too much.

26. When you just want your degree

You mean I have to work for what I want? Bummer.

27. When you’re in your last class of the day before a break

Going home is always something to look forward to, especially because you won't have to wear shoes in the shower.

28. When you finally graduate

See ya, Spongebob. See ya, big fat meanie.

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