28 Times Corinne From 'The Bachelor' Perfectly Described Living In A Sorority House
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28 Times Corinne From 'The Bachelor' Perfectly Described Living In A Sorority House

Cheers, bitches

28 Times Corinne From 'The Bachelor' Perfectly Described Living In A Sorority House

You love to hate her and hate to love her. 24-year-old Bachelor contestant Corinne is the true villainous hero that we sorority girls all need to watch "The Bachelor" every Monday cuddled up with a big box of popcorn. While her actions are more than questionable, she does one thing well, and that is explaining exactly what it's like to live in a sorority house.

1. When you fall asleep on the couch in the TV room more than once.

2. When you come home from a late night and the kitchen is still open for business.

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3. When a frat comes to steal your composite.

But does that mean you're going to get up, stop binge-watching "Project Runway" and do something about it? Probably not.

4. When you spread some juicy new info throughout the house.

5. When you live with 40+ girls and still can't find something to wear.

6. And when you finally find an outfit you like but then walk out of your room to see all your ~sisters~ looking better than you.

7. When you vent to your roomie about your long day.

8. When the one girl you don't like tries to jump in the conversation or be a part of an inside joke.

9. When someone asks if you like your house mom.

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10. And when you stop your drunk friend from talking to your house mom.

11. When the chef makes chicken for the third night in a row.

12. But when it's Taco Tuesday or Sunday brunch.

13. When you win the race to use 'your' shower.

AKA the only one with enough water pressure to actually get the shampoo out of your hair.

14. When the girl who puked the night before didn't clean it up and now the entire bathroom smells.

15. When the house chairman tells you to bring the stack of plates from your bedroom down to the kitchen.

16. When you take someone's clothes out and just leave them on top of the washing machine/dryer, even though they're still wet.

17. But when someone does it to you.

18. When you eat all of the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms container.

19. When you get sent to standards for owning candles and extension cords.

20. Or when you get caught with a bottle of Svedka in your room.

21. When the house klepto went at it again and your favorite new bra has gone "missing".

22. When there is a boy in the house during off-hours.

23. But when it's you who snuck the boy in.

24. When the Uber is here to pick up the squad but you're not ready yet.

25. When one girl gets sick with the flu and everything becomes a risk.

26. When you watch one of your sister's one-night stand's leaving

27. When the juniors haven't gone abroad yet so they're still in charge and kick you out of a social for being too "immature."

Even though they're barely three months older than you.

28. When you realize you get the luxury of living in a mansion with your best friends as a broke college sophomore.

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