The highly anticipated blockbuster is finally out in theaters, and it left me in awe. It's hands down the best summer flick of 2015. The footage was flawless, the effects were executed magnificently, and it continuously kept me on the edge of my seat. There were so many moments that left my mind racing during those 123 minutes.

  1. Didn't they learn after the first park that another was a mistake?

  2. The original foreshadowed the reboot 12 years ago!

  3. So this is what the future looks like...

  4. #SquadGoals

  5. Not enough money in the world to pay me to work there.

  6. The anticipation is KILLING ME! Let me see the Indominus Rex!

  7. What's Nick Miller from "New Girl" doing in this movie?

  8. And Jimmy Fallon, what are you doing here?!

  9. Is he going to make it? Is he going to make it? Is he going to make it? Of course he will. It's the beginning of the movie and he's a main character.

  10. And the kids never get killed.

  11. But this dude...yeah, he's definitely going to die.

  12. Note to self: Douse body in gasoline if ever chased by dinosaur.

  13. If the Mosasaurus can jump out of water to eat the shark, why didn't it jump to eat the trainer?

  14. Your little brother doesn't always make the best wingman. "What's staring at them going to do?"

  15. Putting Sea World out of business.

  16. That moment when you shed a tear for a Brontosaurus.

  17. And that, children, is why you should always follow the rules.

  18. More teeth? You got it.

  19. 5 o'clock somewhere doesn't stop for dinosaurs *Cue Jimmy Buffett cameo.*

  20. The writers must have really hated the British assistant. She had the longest, most drawn-out death of any character.

  21. Chris Pratt can be my alpha.

  22. Forget the Kentucky Derby. Hello Raptor Derby!

  23. "Jurassic World" should be renamed "How To Run In Heels For An Entire Movie."

  24. Because what else are you supposed to do?

  25. Ok, now I want a pet Velociraptor. YOU'RE MY BOY, BLUE!

  26. Are the parents still getting divorced?!

  27. Death by dinosaur would be the worst way to go.

  28. Wow. Just wow. That was epic.