27 Passions All Western Washington University Students Share
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27 Passions All Western Washington University Students Share

The stereotypes aren't wrong.

27 Passions All Western Washington University Students Share
Samantha Frost

Western Washington University students are – well, how do I put this nicely? – unique and free-spirited. There are thousands of individuals who have these amazing qualities that stand out amongst the rest. One of my favorite things to do at Western is sit in Red Square and just people-watch. You will never get tired of it. Watch for long enough, though, and you will find that a pattern pops up. Well, actually, lots of patterns pop up. Here is a detailed list of everything that every Western student shares a passion for in no particular order.

1. Birkenstocks.

Birkenstocks became a fashion trend in the '90s and they never really left Western. I would be shocked if they left anytime within the next 100 years.

2. Humans vs. Zombies.

Whether or not you have ever participated, this is super fun. I have seen people running in the bushes behind my dorm and I was freaked out until I saw the saw the orange bandanna. That is some serious dedication to the craft.

3. Pizza Time.

"I am naked."

4. Nose Rings.

I would jump on this bandwagon immediately if thought I was cool enough to pull off a nose ring.

5. Short Bangs.

Have fun growing those out.

6. Patagonia.


7. Chacos and Tevas.

Practical, comfy and sexy? It is no wonder many Vikings hold a deep passion for the beautiful sandals.

8. Flannels.

Originally designed for the lumberjack and hipster.

9. Bikes.

We also appreciate hearing stories of people injuring themselves on bikes. (I'm looking at you, Jaimo.)

10. Recycling and Composting.

One of our best qualities is caring about sustainable practices on campus.

11. Bernie Sanders.


12. Subarus.

Love. It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

13. House Shows.

Nothing is better than a mosh pit that has serious potential to jump through the floor of this 150-year-old house.

14. The Karate Church.

"Hey, are you going to the Karate church tonight?" – every freshman ever.

15. Hammocking.

Nothing is more relaxing than setting up your hammock by the stairs to nowhere and just hanging out.

16. Timbs.

NYC meets Bellingham.

17. Weed.

Specifically, smoking weed in the Arb (kind of a rite of passage).

18. Cigarettes.

For real, why is this a thing?

19. Beer and Skol.

We're disgusting.

20. Yoga.

Do you know how many times I have tried to attend free yoga but it was full?! Yeah, OK, once and I was late but still...

21. Crepes.

Nothing can be said that will rightfully honor, glorify and respect crepes.

22. Tattoos of plants.

A permanent reminder of the time you spent at this university.

23. Love.

We're being brainwashed by a liberal machine! Isn't it expected we're all just marching for love and world peace?

24. Staying woke.

OK, but why are there so many white people with dreads at this school? Stay woke, people.

25. Sunsets.

The view from the Viking Union of the sun setting over Bellingham Bay is breathtaking.

26. Food.

Can someone please explain to me where people are getting the money to be foodies? I thought we were in this broke struggle together.

27. Adventures.

The greatest days consist of ditching class, grabbing your hammock, beer, weed, chaos, Patagonia fleece, and hopping into your Subaru with your fellow Vikings and going on an adventure.

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