26 Stages Of Syllabus Week As Told By 'Shameless'

26 Stages Of Syllabus Week As Told By 'Shameless'

Let's get SYLLY like Frank Gallagher.

Syllabus week is upon us. Some refer to it as "chillabus week." Some call it a celebration. Some even refer to it as a holiday more important than Christmas. This week is a time where classes are short, optimism is high and fun is never ending. The beauty of this week is something that college kids everywhere can appreciate. Although I might be one of the few that are a part of the "Shameless" fandom, I know that I'm not the only one who is beyond thrilled for this celebratory time. So here's the cast with the stages of this sylly week.

1. When you reunite with your roommates after being separated during winter break.

2. But the fun doesn't last because you all have to unpack from the 3+ weeks you were gone.

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3. It's Tuesday and you still don't have your classes figured out.

4. Everyone and their brother is waiting for advising.

5. Having to go grocery shopping to restock your entire pantry.

6. Realizing that it's the first week of classes and you actually have to show up.

7. But then you realize that you'll only be going over the syllabus and you won't actually learn anything.

8. It's 20 minutes into your first class and the professor already starts lecturing.

9. When your homework is to just get the syllabus signed.

10. Showing up at the bar with your friends for the first time this year.

11. Then you go out every other night this week.

12. When your favorite door guy thought he saw the last of you.

13. When you realize the class your friend convinced you to take is actually really hard.

14. Reconsidering that 8 a.m. class you signed up for.

15. That professor who goes over the syllabus in 15 minutes and then releases you.

16. When your professor tells you the assigned textbook and it's $200.

17. And you have to have it by Friday.

18. Getting homework assigned on the first day.

19. Walking into that class you know is going to be an easy A.

20. "You can only miss 2 classes this semester."

21. Walking into class 15 minutes late because it's your fourth semester and you still get lost on campus.

22. When your roommate is ready to comfort you after you come home from your hardest class.

23. When you and your best friend have a class together and you can't shut up.

24. Realizing that one of your classes is all the way across campus.

25. When your roommate asks if you're going to your second day of class.

26. Looking at your syllabus on Sunday when the week is ending and realizing how screwed you are for the semester.

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