25 Thoughts You Have In The Morning Before Class
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Student Life

25 Thoughts You Have In The Morning Before Class

Have I used up all my absences yet?

25 Thoughts You Have In The Morning Before Class
Vladislav Muslakov

Real talk, I can't be the only one in the world who wakes up in the morning and contemplates whether or not going to class is really worth it. You've probably found yourself lying in bed, trying to decide if you should get up and be a model student. You weigh the pros and cons. You convince yourself to go, but, then, you change your mind again. It's a whole process. Admit it, it has become somewhat of a morning routine, especially when you have a class or two before noon. You have this long conversation with yourself when you should be on your way to class already. I know you have these same thoughts as me:

1. "Why did I sign up for an 8 A.M. when I couldn't even handle a 9 A.M. last year?"

2. "Sleep is for the weak!!! Education is important!!! I need to get my money's worth!!!"

3. "OK, five more minutes and I'll get up and get ready and go to class."

4. "When I get my coffee, everything will be better and my suffering will end."

5. "I'm definitely going to need two cups of coffee or maybe three or maybe four or maybe 10 if we're being real here."

6. "Oh... oops... it's been five minutes, another five more and then, I'll seriously get out of bed."

7. "OK, but how does one get out of bed when I'm so comfy under five blankets?"

8. "I haven't used any of my absences yet, so I can skip and go back to sleep."

9. "Wait, attendance isn't even mandatory. I'm fine. It's good. Life is great."

10. "I'm not failing the class. It won't hurt if I skip, right?"

11. "What if I miss something important? What if there's a pop quiz? What if? What if? What if? Oh, God!?"

12. "I can always just get the notes from someone."

13. "I. Just. Can't. Do. This."

14. "Sleep isn't going to help me graduate, BUUUUT it will improve my well-being, which will lead to me being a better student."

15. "Damn it, class starts in 15 minutes."

16. "I think I'm going. I can do this. I'll be fine. I can nap later."

17. "Nap, yeah, more like napping in class."

18. "How did I even survive high school and being there at 7:30 in the morning every day?"

19. "10 minutes. What should I do?"

20. "UGH, I guess I'm going to class."

21. "I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I HATE MY LIFE!"

22. "Education is wealth. I'm lucky to be here. I should be thankful."

23. "I am going to die. Please send help now."

24. "Here we go!!! It's time to learn!!!"

25. "This coffee better save me."

After going through that entire process, you end up going to class anyway. It might be painful, but you know you feel proud for not choosing sleep. You should be. That's not an easy decision. Reward yourself with some more coffee whenever you find the strength to go to class!

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