On Thursday, January 14th, the GOP had their first debate of the year. This debate came just 2 weeks before the primaries kick off in Iowa on February 1st. As a college student studying political science, a lot of thoughts come to my mind during these debates.

1. Did they coordinate what color ties to wear?

Why is everyone on the left wearing a blue tie and why is everyone on the right wearing red ties?

2. Cruz- "I want to start with something"

AKA "I'm going to avoid the question and then attack Obama".

3. Trump has apparently never read any statistics on terrorism in the U.S.

No terrorist act on U.S. soil has ever been committed by someone who came here as a refugee

4. "I won't be taking legal advice from Trump."


5. Is someone actually going to stop Cruz and Trump from arguing?

Or are they enjoying this as much as I am?

6. I bet someone out there is taking a shot every time Rubio attacks Obama

7. "I like Chris Christie"

Says Rubio, who then goes on to attack Christie.

8. Apologies to Carson, that a country built on secular ideals and freedom of religion isn't Christian enough for you...

9. Please do not blame the blatantly racist Charleston Church Killings on "mental health" like I think you are...

The killer was PRETTY openly racist.

10. I'm pretty sure that the President does have the power of an Executive Order...

"Checks and balances". Thanks, though.

11. Man, could you imagine if the Founding Fathers DID pick amendments out of a hat?

"This one says... Rights left to the states. Pick another George, we got... Freedom of religion! Nice!"

12. Trump can actually talk about the tragedies of 9/11 without being islamophobic?


13. "Is Hillary an enabler of sexual misconduct?"

Ah yes, let's blame her for her husband's actions.

14. Ted Cruz is just making New York sound better and better...

15. Kasich - "You gotta be cool"

*puts on sunglasses*

16. Did Kasich actually answer a question without mentioning Ohio?

17. I kind of miss Lindsey Graham...

18. Hillary's tweet says it all...

19. The amount of cheering when Trump talks is worrying me...

20. Ah yes, the classic "I have friends that are Muslim" trick

Nice try, Trump.

21. Donald Trump just makes me like Jeb Bush

Did I just say that?

22. Rubio attacks Obama

It's like he's TRYING to get someone drunk.

23. I LOVE it when Trump says China

24. Did Rubio just attacks Pelosi?

Oh no, he didn't.

25. Wow, did it really take this long to bring up President Reagan?

We went almost two whole hours...