The 25 Things That Happen At Hoopfest
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The 25 Things That Happen At Hoopfest

Do you remember what happened at Hoopfest? Ya, me either.

The 25 Things That Happen At Hoopfest

Hoopfest is a big deal in itself. Spokane's Hoopfest is the biggest 3-on-3 outdoor basketball tournament IN THE WORLD! For Gonzaga it is one of the biggest party weekends of the year. It's a lot of basketball, friends, and beer for a small weekend. You and your friends are bound to get yourself into some trouble but also make memories to last a lifetime. Hoopfest brings out the best and the worst in people. Hoopfest is the time of your life, but not what you imagined it to be. You will meet new people, make some questionable decisions, but love GU more than ever. Here is a little idea of what happens when you spend Hoopfest weekend at Gonzaga.

1. Day drinking

This is essentially the staple to Hoopfest. Day drinking is to Hoopfest as breathing is to humans. It is a necessity.

2. Let's be real morning drinking

Honestly, after the first day...or even on the first day...drinking is acceptable at any time of day. No rules during Hoopfest.


Your squad and yourself look rough in the mornings. It's okay though because everyone does! At least you all have each other to get through the horrible headaches and terrible mornings.

4. Chugging your weight in water & beer day in and out

If it's not beer, it's water. There is just in general a lot of liquids being consumed on the daily.

5. Sleeping on the floor with 50 people in one house

Mornings look like a massacre happened because there are bodies everywhere. The floor of your friends house is the sleeping place for you and all your friends all weekend long.

6. Going on 3 alcohol runs in one day and acting like it's okay

It's fine. There's six of you guys. You underestimated all your drinking abilities. You don't have a's totally normal.

7. Talking to your crush at a day fade but not remembering

You probably pulled out s horrible line, confessed your love, and totally embarrassed yourself. But if you can't remember then it didn't happen right?!

8. Crying over someone/ life/ because McDonald's is closed


Is it really Hoopfest if you didn't cry? No, with alcohol and sleep exhaustion, life's a mess! Hoopfest brings out the tears!

9. Acting like the weather is fine

First, it was raining, then it was super sunny. Whatever it was, you didn't care. Rain or shine, you raged.

10. Someone puked, either you or a friend

A puking friend is a product of Hoopfest. Either you spent a night on the toilet or you stood next to a friend that had some difficulties. Either way, everyone rallied and you keep going.

11. Getting real happy when you get the facebook invite to a party


You haven't really made it until you get a Facebook invite to a party. That's when you really just feel like you belong.

12. Packing 30 outfits for 4 days

You don't know the themes of the party, the weather in Spokane is all over the place, and what if you dirty one outfit. It's almost impossible to just pack a few things.

13. Attempting to find the loose alligator roaming Spokane

For those of you who are confused, there was in fact a loose alligator lost in Spokane during Hoopfest. You know, all you are friends wondered if you would see it and what would happen.

14. Making legit friends when you were drunk but still being friends sober

Drunk friends are the best friends...they are even better friends still when you are both sober. Hoopfest brings people together.

15. Going to actual Hoopfest

Oh yeah, you actually do go to the event that you are supposed to be there for. Maybe it was once for an hour, you had one game and lost, or maybe you just wanted to enjoy Hoopfest because it is the biggest 3-on-3 outdoor basketball tournament in the world.

16. Your Tinder is on fire because of all the people at the Spo

There are significantly more baes on Tinder because of Hoopfest. So many beautiful people in one place.

17. Having to actually ask people at parties "Do you go here?"

Because there are so many people visiting, this is an average question at parties. Which is unusual because GU is a fairly small school, where most people know each other.

18. Going from completely sober to completely drunk in an instant

You aren't quick sure how you got that drunk that quick. But it happened and now you just get to enjoy the ride.

19. Trying to act okay when Spokane police drive through the Logan

The Logan neighborhood is crawling with police everywhere. You got to try your best to act like you aren't completely lost and drunk on that walk home.

20. Accepting your life as a mess

After so many nights of drinking, you just have to accept that you and your life is an absolute mess. But it's all good because your friends are in the same boat.

21. Finding things in random places after throwing a party

Oh, someone moved the lamp from upstairs to the backyard, someone stuffed bagels in every sink, and someone pooped in the shower?! You honestly have yourself questioning who was at your house and why people would do such things!

22. Waking up the next morning, remembering your night, and the only words to say are "yikes" & "sorry"

Your drunk self has a special agenda to ruin your sober life. Send out the sorry texts in the morning and wallow in your own self pity every morning like a true Hoopfest survivor.

23. Having your friends tell you what you did at Hoopfest...because you don't remember

Honestly, at some point you don't want to know what you did while drunk. Then you don't have to send out those sorry texts. Like I said before, "What you don't remember didn't happen?!"

24. Having the time of your life

Your friends and you will go through highs and lows, but that just makes it the best weekend ever. Nothing like getting to say you and your squad are survivors. You go through things that you never thought you would in a short time.

25. Loving your Zag family more than you thought possible

If you didn't leave the Spo yelling "GO FRICKING ZAGS" or having an insane amount of school spirit, then you didn't do Hoopfest right. It was the perfect weekend to psych you up for the upcoming semester!

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