25 Things Every Gryffindor Knows To Be True
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25 Things Every Gryffindor Knows To Be True

Scared, Slytherin?

25 Things Every Gryffindor Knows To Be True

"You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart

I'm guessing that since you clicked on this article, you have concluded that out of the four incredible Hogwarts houses, your true home is Gryffindor, which is -- in my not-so-humble opinion -- the best house you could join. So whether you're a mischief maker, a daring hero, or an unashamed narcissist, you're always welcome with the red and the gold.

1. You aren't ashamed to admit that the characterization of the Gryffindor stereotype in this video is absolutely 100 percent true.

Accept it. Embrace it. Move on.

2. You're the world's comic relief.

Whether it's ridiculous puns, overdramatic facial expressions, or pure unadulterated sass, you bring laughter into everyone's life.

3. Going along those same lines, you frequently turn to humor as an escape when you're caught in an unpleasant, awkward, tragic, or (unfortunately) dangerous situation.

Basically, if Chandler Bing and Tyrion Lannister had a love child, they would be a Gryffindor, for sure.

4. You (not-so-secretly) love being the center of attention.

I mean, you are the chosen one after all ...

5. But you do know how to be chivalrous and selfless.

You wouldn't hesitate to stand up for someone else. In fact, saving a life is on your bucket list. Not everyone has your perfect combination of self-confidence and selfless bravery, and you feel as if it's your job to help others.

6. Your friends are always forcing you to be the squad spokesperson.

You're always the one who asks the random stranger to take the group photo, the one who tells the restaurant hostess how many people need a menu, the one who tells the tall guy at a party your friend thinks he's cute, and so on.

7. You're always the first one on the dance floor.

OK, so you may be a bit of a diva, but it's not your fault that your hips cannot tell a lie.

8. You're not afraid to voice your opinion.

Whether it's admitting that this chicken is not agreeing with your palate or that you think Donald Trump is the worst possible choice for a political candidate, you're not likely to back down from a chance to be candid. (Get it? Puns. Ha. Don't hate me.)

9. You can be a bit of a drama queen (or king).

And I mean in a loud, cocky, outrageous kind of way. Not in the horrible cliquey way. (We leave that to the Slytherins #burn).

10. You are unashamedly proud of you accomplishments.

And if you're into modesty or whatever, you're probably still a humble-brag.

11. You're amazed by people who enjoy being alone.

Even if you're alone, you still have to be reading a book or watching a movie because you never ever want to be alone with your thoughts. It's nearly impossible to rein in all that ego if you're not constantly distracting yourself.

12. When you're trying to get a point across, you tend to do it in the most dramatic way possible.

Wild hand gestures and exaggerations are frequently used.

13. And you're not above threats.

But you rarely follow through with them -- usually because they're too elaborate and dramatic to be feasible

14. However, you wouldn't hesitate to start a fight if it meant defending your friend.

Even if the likelihood of you winning said fight is slim to none.

15. You can sometimes be immature.

Mostly because you don't believe in the concept of "growing up."

16. When you look good, you know you look good.

And even when you're sporting sweatpants and a messy bun, you still think you're hot as hell.

17. You're very competitive and can be a total show-off.

You also really, really like winning.

18. You get very cold and very snappy if someone tries to talk over you.

Everything you say is important. Why weren't they listening? In fact, they should have been taking notes.

19. You can be a shameless flirt.

But half the time you just use cheesy pick-up lines and wink a lot. Hey, it's the thought that counts.

20. But you can be needy sometimes.

That unending pool of confidence gets to be a bit shallow sometimes... which you begrudgingly admit is exactly why you crave so much attention and recognition.

21. You're always up for a dare.

Except more likely you just came up with something ridiculous to do, asked your friends if they dare you to do it, and regardless of their answer, you do it.

22. You like your grand entrances.

The party can only start when everyone is made aware that you have arrived.

23. And your dramatic exits.

You make sure everyone knows when you're leaving so that they can properly mourn your absence.

24. You've considered pursuing world domination on multiple occasions.

You already have the leadership skills and the charisma -- the only thing stopping you is your do-gooder, chivalrous, protect-the-weak mentality. You've decided that you'd much rather save the world than control it. Besides... you're content to leave the evil masterminding to the Slytherins (#Burn #Again).

And finally:

25. You have immeasurable pride in your house.

Though Gryffindors are frequently considered cocky, impulsive narcissists prone to "unnecessary heroics" as Snape once so eloquently said, you know that the good qualities outweigh the bad by a landslide. You're a leader, a fighter, a lover, and a laugher. You're confident in yourself and your abilities, and for that reason you've earned the respect you deserve. You may change the world one day by saving lives or standing up for what is right. But for right now it's enough for you to simply light up the darkness in this world by making people smile with your jokes and ridiculous antics. Just like the lion proudly emblazoned on the Gryffindor seal, you're the "king of the jungle," and everyone knows it. Go Go Gryffindor!
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