25 Things Only Drama Kids Will Relate To
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25 Things Only Drama Kids Will Relate To

"From the top!"

25 Things Only Drama Kids Will Relate To

Drama club is the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. It changed me for the better, and changed my sleep schedule for the worst. And there's a few things about drama club I'll never forget. Little things that happened every single show. Without further ado, here is 25 things only drama kids will relate to!

1. The day you get your costume is either the best day ever… Or the worst.

This is the day you discover you look really hot in a corset... Or really bad in shoulder pads.

2. There are times where you are scared to speak, because any word you might say may cause someone to break into show tunes.

We get it, you know all the words to Les Mis. Please let me finish my sentence... Or let me sing Javert's part.

3. Re-blocking scenes the day before opening night

You're not sure if you want to kill your director or your costar... Or both....

4. When the character you’re meant to play isn’t in your range…

Yes, Phantom is supposed to be played but a man... But what if I did it anyway?

5. The absolute mayhem that follows a cast list coming out

Everyone is either jumping for joy or planning a Les Mis style barricade in protest.

6. If it’s not your prop, do not touch it. Even if it is your prop, probably don’t touch it. It will break.

Good luck explaining to the prop master why you were trying to balance all those books on your head.

7. The most popular kids are the ones with the most makeup wipes.

It's going to stain your face regardless...

8. Mic tape hickeys are inevitable. And obviously very sexy.

"What's that on your neck?" *deep, pained sigh*

9. That one lead that cannot memorize his/her lines for the life of them…

How can such a talented person be so bad at memorization?

10. Your diet during tech week is chips and whatever your friend happens to bring to rehearsal.

When's the last time you had dinner with your family? You can't remember.

11. When you’re not in a scene that all your friends are in…

That's cool, I'll just be here...

12. Pre-show traditions that are very difficult to explain to anyone not in drama club.

"Yeah so we all go into a dark closet and-"

13. That one show that is a legend for being particularly awful

Remember that time the lead showed up hungover every rehearsal and the director always made us stay till 11:30 on a school night?

14. That rush when the shows for next year are announced


15. You’ve formed an emotional bond with your character shoes.

You guys have been through everything together.

16. “You’re in the show? What part are you?” “Tech…”

You techies are under appreciated and you know it. And are extremely bitter about it...

17. Mumbling lines to yourself in the middle of class like you give a crap.

This monologue isn't going to perfect itself!

18. Freeze till blackout

Don't twitch. Don't twitch. Don't twitch.

19. That one set piece that definitely is not stable

Which is fine until it's a platform you're standing on.

20. The absolute chaos that cast parties bring

Everyone is just drinking Sprite... Why are they acting like this. (Oh yeah, because they're drama kids)

21. Even if you’re an extra or techie, you will walk away from any show you’re in knowing every line

And you're totally confident that if someone literally breaks a leg, you're prepared to play any part.

22. Quickly becoming friends with the stage manager so you won’t get in trouble down the road

It never hurts to have friends in high places.

23. “Can you zip me up?”

There's no room for modesty here.

24. There is never enough hangers or bobby pins

Or mic tape. Or gaff tape. Or hairspray.

25. People telling you the show was incredible

You like to think you played a small role in that.

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