25 Songs To Add To Your October Playlist To Get You In The Mood For All Things Fall
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25 Songs To Add To Your October Playlist To Get You In The Mood For All Things Fall

Is it ever too early to start throwing some spooky bops in mix?

women throwing leaves

The smell of pumpkin spice and the sight of flannels...all that's missing is the sounds to complete the fall vibes. Here's 25 songs to add to your October playlist!

1. "Bags" - Clairo

Clairo - Bags www.youtube.com

2. "Sweater Weather" - The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather (Official Video) www.youtube.com

3. "Are You Bored Yet?" - Wallows ft. Clairo

Wallows - Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) [Official Video] www.youtube.com

4. "We Fell In Love October" - Girl In Red

girl in red - we fell in love in october www.youtube.com

5. "Spooky, Scary Skeletons" - Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold - Spooky Scary Skeletons - YouTube www.youtube.com

6. "Bury A Friend" - Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish - bury a friend www.youtube.com

7. "Heather" - Conan Gray

Conan Gray - Heather (Official Music Video) www.youtube.com

8. "Take You Back" - Russ ft. Kehlani

Russ - Take You Back (Feat. Kehlani) (Official Video) www.youtube.com

9. "Drunk on Halloween" - Wallows

Wallows - Drunk on Halloween (Lyric Video) www.youtube.com

10. "Shiver Shiver" - Walk The Moon

WALK THE MOON - Shiver Shiver (WALK THE MOON presents 7in7) www.youtube.com

11. "Navy Blue" - Muna

MUNA - Navy Blue (Audio) www.youtube.com

12. "Saw You In A Dream" - The Japanese House

The Japanese House - Saw You In A Dream www.youtube.com

13. "Dreams" - Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams [with lyrics] www.youtube.com

14. "Pink + White" - Frank Ocean

Pink + White www.youtube.com

15. "Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me (Official Music Video) www.youtube.com

16. "Cardigan" - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - cardigan (Official Music Video) www.youtube.com

17. "Want You Back" - Haim

HAIM - Want You Back (Official Video) www.youtube.com

18. "Love Somebody Like You" - Joan

joan - love somebody like you (lyrics) www.youtube.com

19. "Stranger Things" - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Stranger Things Vol. 1 - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Soundtrack Preview (Official Video) www.youtube.com

20. "Sicko Mode" - Travis Scott ft. Drake

Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake (Official Video) www.youtube.com

21. "Superstition" - Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder Superstition www.youtube.com

22. "All The Good Girls Go To Hell" - Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell www.youtube.com

23. "Thriller" - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Video) www.youtube.com

24. "Liability" - Lorde

Lorde - Liability www.youtube.com

25. "Sweet Creature" - Harry Styles

Harry Styles - Sweet Creature (Audio) www.youtube.com

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