25 Signs You Went To Catholic School

For those who attended Catholic school or even grew up Catholic, you'll relate. When you think of Catholic school you immediately think nuns, mass and uniforms. In all honesty, I may have complained about attending Catholic middle and high school, but it wasn't too shabby after all. I know for a fact many of my fellow Catholic school brethren can relate to a majority of this list.

1. Growing up with the same 20 kids in all your classes.

2. Trying to perfect your uniform with a stylish headband or stud earrings.

Even though everyone was sporting the same plaid skirt and oxford shirt.

3. When you got to break the dress code there were strict guidelines.

You must wear closed in shoes, no shorts, no spaghetti tops and no flip-flops, etc.

4. When someone new arrived the following year panic arose.

Who's this newbie?

5. When Lent rolled around you were required to attend morning mass.

6. The day did not start until the Morning Prayer was said.

7. Explaining to people who didn't attend Catholic school that not all teachers are nuns.

But the nuns who were teachers were cool.

8. Going to confession as a class and panicking once it was your turn.

9. When Ash Wednesday rolled around, everyone would compare the size of their ashes on their foreheads.

10. Being told by your teachers at dances to "Leave enough room for the Holy Spirit."

11. It was a competition of who could get the most handshakes and peace signs when the priest said "May the peace be with you."

12. You've dressed up as an angel or Saint at least once in your life.

13. You still remember all the names of the girls and boys parents you went to middle school with. You may also remember their sisters, brothers and cousins names too.

14. You're slightly ashamed you don't go to mass or go every once in a while.

15. Stations of the Cross were the longest process of your entire middle school life.

16. You were taught that dating is for the intent of getting married.

17. You know how to sell and fundraise like nobody's business.

18. You've had more religion classes than the religious studies minor.

19. Attending choir was mandatory with your homeroom.

20. The best day of the year is Mardi Gras because you got to compete for whoever got the baby.

21. You've completed far more community service than you could have imagined possible.

22. Your spring break was different than your friends from other schools because yours fell near Easter.

23. If you went to an all-girls school, everyone asked, "Oh my God, why? How did you survive?"

I had a blast going to an all-girls high school.

24. "I'm not going to say I survived. I'm going to say I thrived."

25. You wouldn't trade the experience of attending Catholic school for any reason.

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