25 Signs You Go To A Christian College
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25 Signs You Go To A Christian College

...when the only type of high you've ever experienced is the spiritual kind...

25 Signs You Go To A Christian College

Coming from a public school, I often joke with my nonreligious friends about the weird idiosyncrasies that come with attending a Christian college. They're always amazed at how different it is from their public schools.

"You've never gone to a college party?"

--"Well, the board game kind..."

"You can only visit the opposite gender's rooms at specific times on specific days?"

--"I still see them around campus and in the lobbies!"

Christian college often seems like a foreign world to kids who attend public college. However, those who attend a Christian college know just how special it is to have faith integrated into everything you do. Here are 25 relatable signs that you, too, attend a Christian College.

1. The most lit place on campus is the chapel.

2. You feel a guilty solidarity with the other ‘heathens’ any time you skip morning chapel.

3. The only type of high you’ve experienced is the spiritual kind.

4. Everyone on campus seems overly obsessed with Disney.

5. When the professors ask students what they did over the summer, it seems as if almost everyone worked as a camp counselor …

6. …And the rest of them travelled abroad on a missions trip you wish you could afford.

7. The amount of weekend programming is insane, so that no one feels tempted to go out drinking.

8. You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a picture of a Bible.

9. And if there isn’t a Bible photo, you know that it at least has a Bible verse caption.

10. The only degree more popular than engineering is probably the M-R-S degree.

11. Speaking of the M-R-S degree, the endless “Ring by Spring” photos are probably the realest reminder of just how single you are.

12. It seems like everyone has a weekly crisis over what "God's plan is for them."

13. Anytime you’re sad, at least 17 people pat you on the shoulder and say “I'll pray for you.”

14. …Which really just means they don’t know what else to say and that’s the easiest cop out.

15. The deciding factor of whether or not you go to Bible Study is if there's food.

16. You spend your Friday nights playing board games.

17. The only type of coke at parties is the carbonated beverage variety.

18. You pray before every meal and every class.

19. Over half the school was home schooled or went to a private Christian school.

20. Trying to pronounce all the names in the Bible is, quite possibly, the biggest struggle you've ever faced.

21. Everyone has at least read, if not memorized, the entire Narnia series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy...

22. And don’t get anyone started on how much they love Veggie Tales.

23. You're convinced no one on campus actually knows how to dance.

24. The true campus celebrity is your college chaplain, rather than the President of the school.

25. Everyone gets excited about Jesus and being in such a Jesus-filled environment.

I didn't realize how much I longed for a Christian community until I attended my Christian university. Sure, my college experience is far different from the average student. However, I would never trade the weekly dorm worship, amazing chapel services, and spiritual enlightenment I receive here for anything in the world. I'm glad my college is different. I'm glad it focuses on enjoying life to the fullest in a way that is pleasing to God. Thanks be to God for Christian education!

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