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Reasons To Write: 25 Motivations Behind the Words

How do you complete the sentence 'I Write because...'

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Recently I was asked to complete the sentence "I write because..." and I came up with this huge list of reasons. But more than that I was curious what other people had to say about why they write. Here are 25 things people said when I asked them:

  1. I write because I don't want to lose the ability to convey my opinions in an organized and effective way. -Hannah Mason
  2. I write because I want to encourage and inspire. -Danielle Priest
  3. woman hands on keyboard with inspirationhttps://www.pexels.com/photo/person-using-inspire-...

  4. I write because my resume demands it! -Alexis Ward
  5. I write because people have the right to express their opinions, even if they are the unpopular ones. -Dan Bennington
  6. I write because it gives me a place to share my opinions and experiences from life with other people. -Mary Kate Farrell
  7. I write because it takes my mind away from reality. -Rachel Alexandria
  8. I write because I want to speak for the people who feel like they do not have a voice. -Arianna Lynne Fangonilo
  9. I write because it helps me clear my mind. - Erin Lanahan
  10. I write because it’s my form of free therapy -Rachel Alexandria
  11. I write because it’s an escape from reality -Rachel Alexandria
  12. dumbo elephant flying to escape realityIt is an escape Giphy

  13. I write because I have an overactive imagination -Rachel Alexandria
  14. I write because it’s saved me from self harm -Rachel Alexandria
  15. I write because it helps me to learn about myself. -Arianna Lynne Fangonilo
  16. I write because it's a record of my present thoughts that my future self can look back to. -Arianna Lynne Fangonilo
  17. I write because I want to inspire others. -Arianna Lynne Fangonilo
  18. I write because The words come out better when I write. -Lloyd Alaban
  19. I write because I’m at most peace when I do. -Lloyd Alaban
  20. dove flies to represent peaceGiphy

  21. I write because if I didn't, I'd be stuck in my own thoughts, and they're depressing at best. -Sarah E Fields
  22. I write because it gives me a voice when I cannot speak. -Sarah E Fields
  23. I write because I want to bring insight to those around me.-Sarah E Fields
  24. I write because it motivates me to research. -Gavin Johnson
  25. I write because it's the only way I know myself. -Nicole Masaki
  26. I write because I can’t see myself doing anything else. -Nicole Masaki
  27. I write because I’m inspired and I want to inspire. -Nicole Masaki
  28. I write because I am a writer. -Nicole Masaki

So why do you write?

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