25 Reasons Why St. Louis Ruins Your Life

If you are from St. Louis or the surrounding area, you can't help but feel a little pride for the city. Not only do they have the Arch, but St. Louis has so many unique qualities, traditions, and fantastic foods that natives don't even realize how awesome the city is. Then, when you travel to other places, you can't help but feel frustrated because you've tasted quality and you don't want to settle for less. These are some reasons, in no particular order, that St. Louis has spoiled locals and therefore ruined their life.

1. The St. Louis Cardinals

11 World Series Championships is nothing to scoff at. Even so, Cardinals fans are some of the most dedicated fans that you can find. Win or lose, the love of the game and the team does not waver. St. Louis is Cardinals nation.

2. Toasted Ravioli

Toasted ravioli is a local culinary favorite. Although it may just be fried ravioli, it is considered a sin to call it anything other than "toasted." It was accidentally created in the 1950's at a restaurant called Angelo Oldani's on the Hill. Since then, it has been a staple appetizer at almost every restaurant in the St. Louis area.

3. Gooey Butter Cake

Another happy culinary mishap is gooey butter cake. In summary, it is yellow cake with an overflow of butter and sugar. Gooey butter cake anywhere outside of the city is dry and unsatisfactory, however, most small bakeries in St. Louis make a gooey butter cake worth camping out for.

4. Gus's Pretzels

Gus's Pretzels has been twisting dough since 1920. Not only do you get to watch the pretzels being made, but they taste so good that you are craving more as soon as you finish them. All other pretzels fail to taste this good.

5. The Grove

The Grove is home to a diverse community and an inspiring history. When walking through the Grove, you will come upon many public art pieces, mainly in the form of murals. It is the home of Grove Fest, which is a street festival with new art, music, and street performers.

6. Forest Park

Forest Park is St. Louis' larger version of Central Park. In the heart of the city, St. Louisians enjoy 1,371 acres of green grass, picnic areas, museums, and one of the best zoos in the country.

7. The St. Louis Zoo

Everyone's favorite word is free. If there is one thing that St. Louis loves, it is our free zoo. Even though it is free, it is still considered to be one of the best zoos in the nation. Local people like to support their city and it is evident in the quality of our zoo. Not only are there a multitude of animals, but the zoo also puts on a light display during the holiday season for patrons to walk through. A trip to the zoo is the perfect weekend activity.

8. Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tours

They have Clydesdales and they have beer, what more could a person want?

9. Susan B. Komen Race For The Cure

St. Louis is inspiring in its turnout for the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure. In the past year, there were more than 21,000 participants who helped to raise $1.4 million dollars for breast health programs and breast cancer research. St. Louis loves to wear pink.

10. The City Museum

This is the place to take kids. Inside, you can find caves, multi-story slides, an old skatepark, do crafts, and climb through metal cage-tunnels that lead to exciting adventures. Outside, there is a giant ball pit that makes even adults want to dive in. To top it off, literally, there is a whole other section on the roof of the museum that is unlike anything else in the world. Kids can climb through more metal cage-tunnels and go down slides. They can even explore the insides of an old airplane! This is one place thatis impossible to get bored of.

11. The Cathedral Basilica Of St. Louis

If you want to see old architecture, look no further. St. Louis is proud of being home to the largest mosaic collection in the world, with 41.5 million glass tesserae pieces in over 7,000 colors.

12. The Magic House

A trip to the Magic House will make your hair stand on edge.

13. Mardi Gras

St. Louis may as well be considered a miniature New Orleans when it comes to Mardi Gras. Festivities start off with a pet parade and end with a normal human parade with lots of eating and drinking.

14. The St. Louis Blues

Even if they have never won a Stanley Cup, they still have a heavy fan base and going to the games is a popular activity. The name "The Blues" came from owner Sid Saloman Jr. who said, "No matter where you go in town there's singing. That's the spirit of St. Louis."

15. Ted Drewes

During the hot summer, Ted Drewes is a favorite among the locals. They have been selling frozen custard for over 80 years and they have perfected it. You can't eat your frozen treat until you turn it upside down first.

16. Imo's Pizza

Although many outsiders don't appreciate Imo's pizza, it is a staple in St. Louis. It is the original St. Louis style pizza, with a thin crust and Provel cheese. It was also one of the first places to deliver pizza in the St. Louis area.

17. Nelly

For most people, Nelly and his music are a thing of the past. However, he has been an advocate for the underprivileged in respect to both education and bone marrow transplants and he has done a lot for communities in St. Louis. We show our appreciation by still loving and playing his music.

18. St. Louis Bread Co.

Most of the world is familiar with the delicious chain called Panera, but it is lovingly known as St. Louis Bread Co. in the St. Louis area. Au Bon Pain Co. purchased Bread Co. in 1993, but let the name stay in local areas.

19. The Science Center

The Science Center takes movie watching to a whole new level with the Omnimax. On top of that, there are plenty of educational activities for kids throughout the rest of the building.

20. Fitz's Rootbeer

With tasty draft root beers and good hamburgers, Fitz's is a St. Louis tradition. Patrons can watch the bottling process happen while they sip a rootbeer of their own.

21. The Union Station Whispering Arch

This arch was part of the original structure of Union Station. If two people face opposite corners and whisper, they will still be able to hear each other.

22. The Graffiti Wall

St. Louis has a mile long wall of graffiti art that is perfect for pictures and just enjoying urban art.

23. The Muny

The Muny is a popular outdoor theater that is great in the summer.

24. The Fabulous Fox Theatre

Intricate and beautiful, the Fabulous Fox Theatre is a beautiful old building where couples and families can come to watch plays and listen to musicians.

25. The Arch

The view from the top of the Arch allows people to see both downtown St. Louis and get a look at the Mississippi.

These are just some of the reasons why St. Louis is so great why and makes everywhere else seem less than adequate.

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