25 Questions The Incoming Freshmen Class Has For Oklahoma State​
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Student Life

25 Questions The Incoming Freshmen Class Has For Oklahoma State​

We didn't get our orientation, or quite a few things for that matter, and we have some questions for our future home.

25 Questions The Incoming Freshmen Class Has For Oklahoma State​
Image from Oklahoma State Football Instagram @cowboy_fb

The past few months have been crazy at best. But I am over the whole "woe is us who did not get to have a normal senior year". I am ready to start the next chapter of my life, and I know many others feel the same way. But, before we get started, I had many questions about the campus and atmosphere I was about to be around. Then I thought that maybe other incoming freshmen had questions as well.

So I asked them to send me any of the questions they had for our future college and current students, and here's what we're wondering!

Two seniors also took the time to answer our questions from their point of view. You can check out their input here!

1. Where is your go-to spot for studying?

I don't know about any of the other incoming students, but I have only been to OSU twice this school year. So, some of these questions are about locations and experiences. But where is your favorite spot for studying and why? How long did it take you to find this place?

2. Where is your go-to spot on or off campus for food?

I think this is another question I have because I have only really been to Stillwater about three times that I actually remember. But there has to be more than Red Lobster and Chick-Fil-A. I want to know it all, your favorite late night snack places, favorite coffee shops, favorite sit down place, and your favorite place to grab a quick bite in between classes.

3. Do you really make the friends of a lifetime?

I have heard from many different people that the friends you make during college are the ones that will last a lifetime. I want to know though, are they? Have you made the best friends ever? Or is it something people just say?

4. How do you get involved in things?

Both times I toured campus, I heard that you basically have opportunities to join groups at every corner. Is this true? I know OSU has over 500 clubs and organizations, so it must not be too hard to find a place to fit in. But is it truly that easy? How many clubs are you in and did it take a long time to find the ones that were for you?

5. Is it really "America's Greatest Homecoming"?

This one is kind of silly, but is it really? I have seen pictures, but I have never been. Is it one of the greatest experiences ever? Do you look forward to it every year? Tell me all of your favorites about "America's Greatest Homecoming".

6. How often do you really see Pistol Pete and Pete's Pet Posse?

This is another silly one, but how often do you really see Pistol Pete and the animals of Pete's Pet Posse? I know the animals are around campus quite a bit, but do you see them all the time? Which dog is your favorite?

7. What does the term "Cowboy Family" mean to you?

The term "Cowboy Family" is on almost every piece of mail I have received since I was accepted in the fall of last year. I cannot wait to be on campus and be apart of the "Cowboy Family". But I want to know what this term means to you. How has the "Cowboy Family" impacted you and your college experience?

8. What is your favorite OSU tradition?

Another thing I have seen quite a bit this year as I have really looked into Oklahoma State is that there are quite a few traditions. Some that come to mind are: America's Greatest Homecoming, Finals Week Pancakes, Bedlam, and Welcome Week for the freshmen. Which one is your favorite?

9. What is your favorite thing you've experienced at OSU?

You have already been at Oklahoma State longer than I have, so you must have a favorite memory. Whether it is a tradition or something that happened when you were walking to a class one day, I want to hear it.

10. Are gamedays as amazing as they seem?

I have watched OSU football games for as long as I can remember, but I have only been to one game and I don't really remember it. Are they really amazing? Is the atmosphere unforgettable? What is your favorite part of gameday? I want to know it all.

11. Why did you choose OSU?

Everyone chose OSU for a reason, mine is because it is a family college and my grandparents met here. I love their relationship and I hope to find a love like that here as well. But I want to hear yours. Why did you choose OSU? And if given the choice to choose again, would you still choose it?

12. Are sororities and fraternities worth the money?

This one was submitted by one of my friends, but I am also curious. I come from a family where no one was in a sorority or fraternity when they were in college, so I have little to no knowledge. What little knowledge I have has come from seeing my friends on social media being in sororities. I am not rushing this year, but I might in the future. Do you think joining a sorority or fraternity is worth the money?

13. Do you think college is worth the money?

This one was also submitted by one of my friends. With the price of college rising rapidly and CareerTech schools becoming more and more popular, do you think college is worth the money?

14. How does OSU deal with racism?

With everything going on right now, some of the people in my class would like to know how OSU deals with racism. This wasn't on my original list of questions, but I am glad it was asked. In a college with over 25,000 students, 30 percent of students are minorities or students of color. How does OSU deal with racism on its campuses? The person who asked this question also wants to know how the Stillwater campus police are going to make people of color feel safe?

15. How often do you go home?

I don't know about the rest of my class, but I spend most of my free-time with my mom. My mom is who I go to over pretty much everything. I've heard many different answers to this question. I know it is hard for people who live out-of-state, but for people who live in the state of Oklahoma, how often do you go back home?

16. Were you automatic friends with your roommate(s)?

In today's society, social media is one of the most easily accessible things on the planet. If you want to find someone, you look them up. But these are the people you are going to live with for the better part of a year. So, when you found your roommate(s), was it like the friend you never had in high school or like your twin? Or, was it a crazy experience you tell everyone about when they pick their rooms?

17. Do you still live on campus?

I know freshmen have to live on campus, but do you still live there? Did you enjoy the dorms so much that you stayed? Or did you move into your own place as soon as you could?

18. What are your dorm room essentials?

I'm not going to lie, I am a procrastinator. I have almost nothing for my dorm room as of right now. So, what did you have in your dorm freshman year that you couldn't have lived without? Why? Is there anything you didn't bring that you wish you would have?

19. What are your go-to clothes for class?

College is where you get a chance to express yourself better, at least that is what I have heard. So, what is your go-to outfit for class? Do you dress up? Do you wear leggings and a t-shirt? Is this how everyone else dresses?

20. How common is it to change your major?

I am not thinking about changing my major, I am so excited to be there and start working on my dream. But, things change and I know some people change their mind about their major frequently. Have you changed yours? Do you know many people that have changed their major multiple times?

21. If you still live on campus, do you cook?

I have heard that you don't have to cook and make your own meals. Is this true? Or do you cook for yourself? And no, ramen noodles and microwave TV dinners do not count.

22. Do you recommend having a bike or scooter for traveling around campus? 

This one was also submitted by one of my fellow classmates. Some people recommend having a scooter or bike to get around OSU's campus, but do you? We have also heard that it is sort of pointless to have because everyone just walks and they get stolen quite a bit. Also, do people drive around a lot in vehicles to get to class or do they walk more?

23. What are some things that you brought to college that you wish you didn't and vice versa?

As my classmates and I buy things for our future dorm rooms, we want to know about this. What were some things you brought thinking you would use all the time or didn't bring because you didn't think you would use at all that you wish you would have brought?

24. What part of college were you most nervous about?

In a world full of uncertainty, my classmates and I are nervous to get to Stillwater in a few weeks. But, we want to know what you were nervous about, and how it turned out for you.

25. How common is it really to just throw up a "Go Pokes"?

I have heard that the easiest way to make friends on campus is just by throwing up a "Go Pokes" while walking around. Is this true? Is "Go Pokes" something you say every day?

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