25 Questions I Have For The University Of Oklahoma
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Student Life

25 Questions I Have For The University Of Oklahoma

As a transfer student I have so many questions for OU. This is all fun!

25 Questions I Have For The University Of Oklahoma
Breanna Griffith

The University of Oklahoma is a huge campus and as a transfer student, I really would like to know more about my campus. Other prospective students would probably want the same questions answered. This is all fun and games some questions are serious and some are not. So here are 25 questions for you OU!

1. Why is there not enough parking for students?

2. Why are the parking passes so expensive? Seriously, we are broke college kids.

3. Can we get some free football tickets?

4. How do you guys make the campus so beautiful?

5. Every time someone says boomer do I have to say sooner? Is that a thing?

6. Can y'all put some pictures of the communal bathrooms in the dorms online, please?

7. Why does our walk to class have to be 15 minutes long? Can y'all give us more time?

8. Why does no one on campus know where anything is at?

9. What is the best building on campus to study, is it the library?

10. Why does the library remind me of Hogwarts?

11. Was the whole campus designed to look like scenes out of the harry potter novels?

12. Why are there so many squirrels on campus?

13. Why is there not a squirrel watchers club?

14. Are residential colleges as awesome as they say they are?

15. What is the best restaurant on campus? Is it Chick-Fil-A?

16. How many t-shirts can one university really give you?

17. Is it better to walk or bike around campus?

18. If I walk, am I going to get run over by bikers?

19. Am I going to make life-long friends at OU?

20. Are there other science nerds on campus?

21. Why does the residential college allow freshmen?

22. Why is the food so good on the couch?

23. When I am at OU why does it feel like home? It's like this is where I was meant to be.

24. Why can I not find the building I am looking for on-campus?

25. Why is there a person my age teaching the class that I am in?

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