25 Old Fashioned Names With The Cutest Nicknames
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25 Old Fashioned Names With The Cutest Nicknames

Short and sweet nicknames are a must!

25 Old Fashioned Names With The Cutest Nicknames

As strange as it sounds, I've always been a fan of names, from discovering unique baby names to understanding the origin or meaning of a name. There are countless categories, too. There are biblical names, celebrity names, classic names, place names, royal names, unique names, vintage names, and more. After reading my friend Lauren's Odyssey article titled "26 Baby Names From Classic Literature That'll Capture Your Heart" I was inspired to also write about some of my favorite names, which include a lot of old fashioned names.

So, here are 25 old fashioned names with the cutest nicknames:

1. Elizabeth (Bessie)

Elizabeth is a common given name with an abundance of nicknames. Some of the more common nicknames include Beth, Liz, Libby, and Betty. Bessie is such a beautiful yet unique option for such a classic, timeless name.

2. Archibald (Archie)

The name Archibald, meaning "genuine," "true," and "bold," was quite common during the 18th century. It seems to be getting more popular, however, as a handful of characters from books and TV shows are named Archie. Oh yeah, and Prince Harry's son! What's not to love?

3. Dorothy (Dottie)

For many, The Wizard of Oz instantly comes to mind. However, the name Dorothy is a stunning Greek name, meaning "light of God." The English version is Dorothea, which is also too precious. Dottie is perfect if you're looking for a simple, feminine nickname.

4. Henry (Hank)

The name Henry is a timeless name that dates back to medieval England. While some people may prefer to leave the given name Henry alone, the nickname Hank is adorable. Perhaps this is a good option for all our Tom Hanks fans, no?

5. Eleanor (Nora or Elle)

Eleanor, meaning "bright" or "light," is an elegant name that has been fairly popular since the early 1900's. There are a few adorable nicknames, from Nora to Elle or Ellie. If you're looking for something more unique, try Nellie or Nori.

6. Oliver (Ollie)

Oliver comes from the Latin name Olive, which, you guessed it, means olive tree. What a lot of people don't realize is that the olive tree is a symbol for "fruitfulness" and "dignity!" Ollie is just the sweetest nickname.

7. Charlotte (Charlie or Lola)

The name Charlotte has been around since the 14th century. It means "petite" and "feminine," and is known to be a fairly common royal name. If you're into boys' names being used as girls' names, Charlie is the perfect nickname. Lola is another great choice for a bubbly, girly girl.

8. William (Liam)

If you love the name William, another common royal name, but don't love the traditional nickname Will, Liam is a perfect alternative!

9. Ruth (Ruthie)

Ruth means "compassionate friend" and was popular in the 1800's. While Ruth is already a short given name, the nickname Ruthie is just too precious not to use.

10. Harrison (Harry)

Harrison is such a sophisticated one (umm Harrison Ford, anyone?!) and Harry makes for the perfect nickname.

11. Veronica (Vera or Ronnie)

While Vera is extremely sweet and feminine, Ronnie is another one of those unisex names. I think Ronnie is a gorgeous nickname for a girl!

12. Thomas (Tommy)

The name Thomas has been popular in both England and the United States for quite some time. The popularity may have come from one of the apostles, several saints, kings, historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Edison, and various figures in today's pop culture. Tommy is the cutest nickname for a little boy (and could be used for a girl as well!)

13. Evelyn (Evie)

The name Evelyn came about sometime in the 17th century. This name means "living" and actually made #14 on the list of top baby names for 2019! The nickname Evie has such a pretty ring to it.

14. Franklin (Frankie)

Perhaps one of the least common names on this list, Franklin made its debut as a first name sometime in the 1900's. Before then, it was commonly known as just a surname. Frank or Frankie are both very charming nicknames.

15. Constance (Connie)

Constance, meaning "steadfast" or "constant" is a sweet name on its own, but Connie is a wonderful alternative for a young girl.

16. Leonardo (Leo)

Leonardo is a very stylish name that means "brave." Famous Leonardos are creative individuals, and Leo is the ultimate nickname for a strong and clever boy.

17. Beatrice (Tris)

The nickname Tris may be one of the least common nicknames on this list, but it fits perfectly with the common, older name Beatrice!

18. Alexander (Xander)

While Alex is a short, suitable nickname for Alexander, Xander is hard to beat if you want something a little more out there, but still sophisticated.

19. Margaret (Maggie)

Margaret was a very common name in the 1900's. In fact, it ranked #2 in those first few years. Today, it is not as common, but it is still used. Maggie is more modern and it's perfect if you're looking for an adorable nickname.

20. Randolph (Randy)

The names Randolph and Randall were both common given names up until the 1950's. After that, they seemed to become more rare. A charming nickname that works for either one is Randy.

21. Helena (Lena)

Helena is another form of the name Helen, which means "bright one." Helen was a popular name during the first half of the 1900's. While Helena was fairly popular during the 1800's, it is actually making a comeback today. If you're looking for a nickname, Lena is just the sweetest option.

22. Gregory (Greg)

The name Gregory, meaning vigilant, was popular during the 1950's and 60's, but has since become less common. However, the name Greg is a perfect, short name for any boy of any age.

23. Louise (Lulu)

Eloise and Louise are both older, more sophisticated names, but Lulu is the most darling name for a little girl.

24. Theodore (Theo)

Theodore was a popular name in the late 1800's and early 1900's. However, in the last few years, it has made quite the comeback, as it was ranked #44 in 2018 and #76 in 2019. Teddy is a typical nickname for this given name, but Theo is just so endearing!

25. Bonnie

While the name Bonnie is typically a given name (with no nicknames) it's one of my favorites so I had to include it on this list. Bonnie means "beautiful" and seems fitting for both a young girl as well as an older woman, making it effortlessly timeless.

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