25 Things That Will Give You That Bubbly Butterfly Feeling In Your Soul
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25 Things That Will Give You That Bubbly Butterfly Feeling In Your Soul

Nothing will ever be able to top these twenty-five things.

25 Things That Will Give You That Bubbly Butterfly Feeling In Your Soul

There's just some things in life that bring about so much joy and happiness. I don't know what it is about these things, but we absolutely love them. The most simple things in life are sometimes the ones that brings us the most happiness. There are so many beautiful blessings in life that we simply overlook a lot of the times. This article is dedicated to the moments that we overlook, when really we should cherish them.

1. Getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets. Bonus points if they’re still warm. -Jenna

“Getting into clean sheets feels so welcoming. It really helps me fall asleep faster, especially if they are still warm. The snuggles are extra good with clean and fluffy sheets.”

2. Eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the lake. -Jenna

“Something just hits different about eating a sandwich on the lake or at the beach. When you are having fun in the hot sun, a sandwich tastes like steak and potatoes.”

3. Ice cold water on a hot day. -Kaitlyn

“When it's very hot out and you're ever so slightly dehydrated and the feeling of ice cold water going down you're throat is so refreshing.”

4. Blaring the music in your car at night - with the windows down of course. -Jenna

“I love me a good car jamming session. Just picture this: windows down, arms out the window, screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs, and laughing at your friends when they get the lyrics wrong. Those are the moments I live for.”

5. Watching the sunset with someone you love. -Jenna

“Sunsets are always so beautiful, but they somehow become more majestic when you are with friends or loved ones. You just take a deep breath and take in all the beauty that the world has to offer. It is so stress-relieving.”

6. Reading a book while it’s storming outside. -Tadem

“I strongly believe that there's no better feeling that sitting in the corner of your couch snuggled up in a blanket with your favorite book while there's a thunderstorm outside. There's something so peaceful about what's happening in that moment when, outside of your house, it's so crazy.”

7. Getting cozy next to the fire while watching your favorite movie. -Jenna

“Especially during Christmas. I love sitting by the fire, drinking a hot beverage, and snuggling with a fuzzy blanket. It makes my soul happy.“

8. Freshly shaved legs with lotion against cool, crisp bedsheets. -Kaitlyn

“Freshly shaven and moisturized legs sliding smoothly into clean and fresh sheets is so satisfying.”

9. Putting on dry clothes after swimming all day. -Jenna

“Talk about warm and cozy! This part of the day is definitely the big red bow. Although the swimming fun has ended, you are in clean, dry clothes, probably about to go get ice cream.”

10. Embracing your best friend in the biggest bear hug ever. -Rebecca

“You see your bff after what feels like forever and you finally get to give your soul sister a hug. It makes you feel so warm!”

11. Petting a cute dog after a long, hard day. -Rebecca

“That puppy just melded your heart back together and it makes you forget what hurt you moments before.”

12. The smell of the air right before a road trip — has to be around 4-5 am. -Boni

“You're a mix of sleepy and excited. The earth doesn't even feel awake yet, and it's dark. You'll only be awake long enough to see the sunrise then you'll doze off listening to music.”

13. Falling asleep on said road trip and waking up at a restaurant (especially McDonalds). -Boni

“You've been asleep for a couple hours and you wake up to an Egg McMuffin, which is basically a serotonin sandwich.”

14. The way you can feel the first sip of coffee wake you up. -Boni

“Coffee when you really need it feels unlike anything else. It's like someone hit the “on" button in your brain.”

15. Washing a sink and rinsing all the soap off. -Boni

“I'm just a big fan of cleaning things, and an even bigger fan of being done with cleaning. Washing the sink is a sign you're done with the dishes and you get to play with soap, which is a definite bonus.”

16. Taking your bra off at the end of the day. -Rachel

“Taking your bra off after a long day is just so liberating. Its a similar feeling to handing your last assignment before the weekend, and I have no doubt every female knows exactly what I'm talking about.”

17. Removing all your makeup and going to bed. -Jennie

“As someone who's struggled with skin issues, taking off my makeup at the end of the day gives my skin a serious breather and relaxes me. When you've had a bad day, visualize your troubles being wiped away with your makeup and embrace the clean slate.”

18. Finishing a book. -Rebecca

“That feeling when you finish a book with an amazing ending is like leaving a new world and feeling accomplished for making it through!”

19. The first stretch of the morning when you first wake up. -Ella

“It’s the final release of tension from the day before, therefore causing you to start off the new day with your body feeling relaxed and ready to go.”

20. Flipping your pillow to the cold side while you’re sleeping. -Rachel

“The cold side of the pillow is the greatest thing in the world. You're having trouble falling asleep and you flip it over and bam you're out like a light.”

21. People playing with your hair. -Rachel

“Our scalps are super sensitive. (Which is why getting our hair washed can be a pleasurable experience) Science Fact: The scalp has thousand of nerve points that connect to the amygdala which is part of our brain that is our pleasure center.”

22. Hearing a song that reminds you of a happy memory. -Jennie

“Music has always been an important part of my life, so hearing a song that takes my mind back in time is always a special treat. I try to indulge in the memories as much as possible and let the song carry my mind.”

23. The first laugh after a long cry. -Jennie

“Laughter truly is the best medicine, but it hits the hardest after you finish crying. Being able to let out a laugh makes everything feel a little bit better.”

24. Really feeling the worship service at church. -Tadem

“There's a feeling when the Holy Spirit comes over you that I can't describe. There's nothing better than the Holy Spirit coming over you in a worship service where you can praise God for all He's done for you around other people that feel the exact same way.”

25. Picking up a new born baby from their car seat and watching them curl up into a little ball. -Tadem

“You know when you pick a newborn up out of their carseat and they pull their knees up and stick their butts out? It just brings you a feeling that you want to bottle up because it's so cute and innocent.”


And there you have it friends: the best feelings in the world. Take some time to look around you are truly soak up every second of this beautiful thing we call life. There's a lot to appreciate!

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